'So impressed': $119 Target vacuum gives Dyson a run for its money

Gillian Wolski
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

A $119 Target vacuum is giving a similar item by upmarket brand Dyson a run for its money in the sucking stakes, leaving one happy customer ‘so impressed’ with its performance.

“Brought this Bellini vacuum from Target today for $120,” a savvy shopper wrote on Facebook.

“I have been using a Dyson upright for years now. But I am so impressed with this vacuum,” they added.

One happy customer was 'so impressed' with this $119 Target vacuum. Photo: Target.

They also shared a snap of the pile of dirt, fluff and debris their new Bellini Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum collected after one whiz around the room.

“[I’m] very embarrassed with what has come out of my carpet in one average size room which is vacuumed weekly,” they admitted.

Fellow fans of Target’s hoover took to the comments to share their thoughts.

The aftermath of one use proved just how useless this shopper's old vacuum was. Photo: Facebook.

“This happened with my Kmart vac after using the Dyson,” revealed one.

“Well it certainly says a lot about your other vacuum cleaner doesn’t it!!!” remarked another.

“I’m not surprised, Dyson vacuums are just terrible!” was a bold claim.

Target's vacuum is giving Dyson a run for its money. Photo: Target.

“I brought the hand held it’s amazing,” said one, referring to the stick version of the upright vacuum.

“Wow... and at such a great price,” said another.

Indeed, the Target vacuum is roughly $500 cheaper than Dyson’s upright offerings which range from $599 to $799.

Target’s Bellini hot buy comes hot on the heels of rival discount store Aldi’s $100 Cordless Hand-Held Stick Vacuum Cleaner which was part of last week’s Special Buys.

Despite disappearing off shelves quicker than staff could stack them, the jury is still out on the cult buy with online reviews ranging from ‘great’ to ‘it sucks’ - and not in a good way.

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