Woman opens up on 'best ever' sex life after divorcing cheating husband

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A woman has opened up about how her sex life is the "best it's ever been" in her 50s, after divorcing her cheating husband after a 24-year marriage in 2019.

Tara Nightingale, 52, is determined to prove to women that life doesn't stop at 50, revealing she is regularly confused for being in her thirties and bombarded with messages from toy boys.

tara nightingale divorcee
Tara divorced her husband after discovering he had an affair. Photo: Caters News

Tara says that she is more confident than ever and her sex life has been the best it has been in decades after dating a series of toy boys in their thirties and early forties over the past couple of years.

"Until I got out of my marriage, I never realise how much younger men craved older women," Tara, from Essex, said.

"It's been a massive culture shock, but I love it. Who wouldn't enjoy having all these younger men thinking you're attractive?

"I think the reason they're attracted to me is because I don't look my age and I'd say I have the physique of a younger woman.

"When I tell them my age they think I am winding them up. They can’t understand how a woman my age can be sexy still."


In the long run, Tara says she would still like to find a serious boyfriend or Mr Right, but for now she is enjoying herself.

"I feel empowered, free and amazing about myself. I am enjoying myself more now than I was when I was in my twenties," she adds.

For Tara, age is just a number and while many people are supportive of her, she doesn't understand when people tell her to act her age. So she hopes to empower other women and prove that there is a life to live after turning 50.

52 year old tara sex life best its ever been
The 52-year-old says her sex life is the 'best it's ever been'. Photo: Caters News

"After getting married at the age of 26, it became very unhappy towards the end of the 24 years," Tara said, revealing her ex-husband had an affair that left her "completely devastated".

"But now I can see that the ending of that relationship has given me a new lease of life. I realised that time is precious and that I needed to make the most of my life.

"It was now or never and I needed to get out."

Since leaving she says she feels more confident, self-assured and more attractive.

"Now I like to take the time to take care of myself and I love getting glammed up. Doing my hair and makeup, and putting on a gorgeous outfit," she adds.

"I have also been doing some vintage pin up modelling, which I never would have had the confidence to do before.

"I feel sexier than ever and I think that having younger men after me and craving me really reinforces this too.

"I have managed to turn my life around from being miserable to being a woman absolutely thriving in my 50's."

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