The Tangy Ingredient Swap That Kicks Your Shrimp Salad Into High Gear

Shrimp salad in white bowl
Shrimp salad in white bowl - MariaKovaleva/Shutterstock

Shrimp salad is an easy meal perfect for an easy weeknight dinner or even just as a snack on top of some crackers. Shrimp are high in protein with few calories, so they make for a filling, well-balanced meal. But if you've been making your shrimp salad strictly with mayonnaise, you're missing out on an extra flavor kick. Next time you reach for the mayo, try swapping it with plain Greek yogurt instead.

Greek yogurt definitely has a tangier flavor than mayonnaise, but it also has more health benefits, making it the perfect addition to that protein-packed shrimp salad. Plus, it has plenty of protein on its own -- in most Greek yogurt brands, there are around 14 grams in one standard single-serving container. Blending that protein punch with shrimp makes it an excellent meal for anyone on a high-protein diet or as a post-workout dish. But for the best-tasting shrimp salad, you actually might want to use a blend of both, plus a hint of lemon juice.

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Use Greek Yogurt In Your Shrimp Salad

Shrimp salad in clear bowl
Shrimp salad in clear bowl - iuliia_n/Shutterstock

You can go all-in on the Greek yogurt as a smart substitute for mayo and use it as the sole base for the shrimp salad, but if you're not used to its tangy, bitter flavor, you might find it a little overwhelming. For the right balance, mayonnaise's richer flavor will cut that tang just enough; try mixing three parts of Greek yogurt with one part of mayonnaise. It will still amp up the flavor without making the salad lean too far onto the bitter side.

Finish the Greek yogurt mixture off with some lemon juice; the acidity pairs well with the shrimp and will bring the whole base together. Of course, seasoning with salt and pepper is a must, but if you have any fresh or dried dill on hand, its herby flavor also makes a great addition. With only a handful of ingredients, you've gone from mayonnaise and shrimp to a bold, flavorful shrimp salad -- and for a little texture variation, get crunchy with some chopped celery or green onions.

Greek Yogurt Has Great Health Benefits, Too

Greek yogurt in glass jars
Greek yogurt in glass jars - Gala Oleksenko/Shutterstock

Greek yogurt not only makes the salad taste better, but it's also worth it for its health benefits. Besides being loaded with protein, most Greek yogurt also has live probiotics, which are great for digestive health. Plus, it has plenty of vitamin B12 and calcium, the former of which makes for healthy cells and the latter of which makes for healthy bones.

Studies have also suggested that regularly eating Greek yogurt can lower the risk of developing heart disease and diabetes, too. But even if you're not eating the yogurt for its health benefits, it's definitely an easy way to spice up your shrimp salad -- or chicken salad or potato salad for that matter. Any mayo-based salad, really, can get a boost of tangy flavor and an extra punch of protein by swapping out that mayo for Greek yogurt (we're partial to Chobani).

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