Talk to Me sets new box office record

sophie wilde, talk to me
Talk to Me sets new box office recordAltitude Films

Talk to Me has become A24's highest-grossing horror film in the US, surpassing Ari Aster's Hereditary.

Premiered at Sundance Film Festival earlier in the year, the Australian possession horror from Danny and Michael Philippou has earned a cumulative gross of $44.575 million following the Labour Day weekend (via Deadline).

Talk to Me opened in theatres back in July, becoming the distributor's top debut since Aster's film starring Toni Collette.

Box office data for that first weekend became an early indicator of the Aussie flick's success. A sequel is also in the works, with the same filmmaking duo at the helm.

sophie wilde, talk to me
Altitude Films

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Revolving around an embalmed hand enabling whoever holds it to channel the dead, the horror film follows grieving teen Mia (Sophie Wilde) as she takes the game a little too far and accidentally unleashes some demonic forces onto the world.

The cast also includes Lord of the Rings' Miranda Otto and Wentworth's Zoe Terakes, as well as Alexandra Jensen, Joe Bird, Otis Dhanji, Chris Alosio, Marcus Johnson, and Alexandria Steffensen.

sophie wilde talk to me trailer

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With a second film on its way, fans have started speculating about who might get back for a second round of summoning the dead.

Judging by the film's open finale (take this as your spoiler warning if you haven't seen Talk To Me just yet), it's hard to say where a follow-up would land, particularly after Mia's fate.

The movie's final moments show a new group of friends in Greece summoning Mia's spirit with a similar dead-conjuring prop, perhaps teasing an Europe-set sequel? We're hooked.

Talk To Me is in cinemas now. A sequel has been confirmed.

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