Taco Bell Finally Adds Long-Awaited Test Item to Menus Nationwide

Taco Bell signage

Taco Bell is finally giving fans the chance to try what's arguably one of its most sought-after test menu items.

The long-awaited addition originally debuted back in 2022, and now, two years later, the brand is ready to unleash it on the world–and we're pretty sure it was worth the wait.

Coming soon to a participating Taco Bell location near you is the one and only Cheez-It® Crunchwrap. The upcoming menu item also reportedly brings several other giant Cheez-It options along with it.

The Cheez-It® Crunchwrap is said to feature "a real Cheez-It® Cracker sixteen times the size of a normal one, with seasoned beef, nacho cheese sauce, and all the classic Crunchwrap fixings, all wrapped inside a folded tortilla," according to an official description provided at the Live Más Live Event held in Vegas this past February.

But we also have it on good word that the Crunchwrap isn't the only fan-favorite menu item available on the massive cheesy cracker. According to information shared with Foodie influencer Snackolator—who regularly previews and tests out new fast food and snack items—the extra large, extra cheesy and crunchy cracker can also be used as a base for Taco Bell's tostadas.

Fans can even order just the massive Cheez-It with no toppings or add-ons, as evidenced by one Reddit user.

And let's just say that T-Bell loyalists are beyond ready to try the new addition–even if they were one of the lucky few to try it out a few years ago.

"Crunchwrap was good. Been waiting for this," one Instagram user confessed.

"👏🔥Had both when they tested them. 🤓I enjoyed the Tostada 🤤," another admitted.

"I am excited about this!!!!" a third exclaimed.

While the fast food powerhouse hasn't confirmed an exact date for the nationwide release of its Cheez-It collaboration, some suggest it'll be here in time for summer.

"Starts June 6th!!" one apparently in-the-know Instagram user claimed.

Along with the Cheez-It® Crunchwrap and giant Cheez-It, Taco Bell announced at its press event that it would be beefing up its offerings with seven new menu items this year alone, one of which reminds fans of its discontinued Naked Chicken Chips–the all-new Crispy Chicken Nuggets–and another that revives its legendary Nacho Fries with a twist.

The brand also revealed that it is testing Churro Chillers in select locations.

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