T.J. Maxx, in Partnership With Mandy Moore, Launches ‘Claim Your And’ Campaign

T.J. Maxx, which has championed self-expression for nearly a decade through its Maxx You Project, has launched its newest campaign, Claim Your And, designed to empower women to break free of the labels that limit them and embrace their full, multifaceted selves.

T.J. Maxx will kick off the campaign in partnership with Mandy Moore. Drawing from her personal, empowering journey toward breaking free of labels others have given her, and embracing her multidimensionality, she will headline a fireside chat on maxxyouproject.com, moderated by Simone Boyce, on July 30.

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“For as long as I can remember, I’ve felt confined by labels given to me — a singer or an actress, kind or strong, a producer or a mom — but I’ve never been this or that,” Moore said. “There’s so much power in forgetting ‘or’ and I’m so excited to finally be claiming all of my ‘ands’ — on my own terms — at this stage in my life. Looking in the mirror and embracing all of my many facets has been an unbelievable experience and I can’t wait to hear stories from women joining me on this journey. I feel so inspired and honored to be partnering with T.J. Maxx to encourage women everywhere to boldly express every unique element of their identity.”

Taking to social media, Moore will share her story to inspire women to join her in championing self-expression and boldly Claim Your And. Through Aug. 31, women are invited to define themselves on their own terms and comment on the many facets of themselves that make them feel like their full, authentic self. For every comment using #ClaimYourAnd on T.J. Maxx’s TikTok and Instagram, T.J. Maxx will donate $1 to Dress for Success with a minimum donation of $100,000.

“At T.J. Maxx, we believe in and celebrate the multidimensionality of women. Our stores and site have always provided women with access to the labels they want — empowering them to express their full selves,” said Christina Lynch, vice president, marketing director of T.J. Maxx. “With our newest Maxx You Project Initiative, Claim Your And, we look forward to opening the conversation around the impact of imposed labels and encouraging women to claim the labels that express their most authentic self — on their own terms.”

T.J. Maxx, Dress for Success and Save the Children will host a series of inspiring workshops led by experts such as author Amanda Montell, basketball coach Sydney Carter and astronaut Kellie Gerardi on a range of topics, beginning July 30 on maxxyouproject.com.

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