Sylvia Jeffreys wants to know Meghan Markle's secret to taking photos

Eliza Velk
Junior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s official royal wedding photographs have been revealed and they are absolute perfection.

The photo of the newlyweds surrounded by their young bridesmaids and page boys is so adorable that it’s got Australian TV presenter Sylvia Jefferys wondering what their secret is. 

Taking to Instagram, Sylvia made a hilariously relatable comparison between Meghan’s wedding photos and her own, where the kids were just not having a bar of it.

“I’m thoroughly impressed by the royal family’s ability to wrangle children for wedding photos. Wish they’d share their secrets. Swipe for our reality” Sylvia captioned the post.

With such a stunning backdrop, the potential for an adorable photo was there, yet trying to get all four kids to look at the camera at the same time looked to be quite a mission for Sylvia and her husband.

One out of four looking at the camera, that’s good right? Source: Instagram / sylviajeffreys
Three out of four looking at the camera, that’s good enough right?Source: Instagram / sylviajeffreys

And to think Meghan and Harry had to deal with 10 children in their photos!

It’s certainly got us wondering how many snaps it took to get that one perfect shot.

Source: Instagram / sylviajeffreys

For many of us, this would likely be our reality too, so how is it that the royals manage to look so on point?

Whatever their secret is, the royal photo certainly hints at Meghan’ natural maternal instincts which will come in handy considering the pair are hoping to welcome little ones of the own later down the track.

And boy are we excited for the day that announcement comes.

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