Sydney mum gives birth to 5.75kg baby boy

Kristine Tarbert
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A Sydney mum has welcomed the ‘biggest baby ever’ at her local hospital after giving birth to a 5.75kg baby boy.

Nikki Bell, 28, used no pain relief as she had Parker James Bell at Blacktown Hospital on Thursday.

He tipped the scales at 5.755kg, or 12lb 6oz, when he was born at 39 weeks and three days.

“I always thought he would be on the larger size given our fist baby Maddison was just shy of 5kg,” Nikki tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

“But given that I was induced almost two weeks sooner than my first child, I was very surprised when he tipped the scales at 5.7kg.

“To be honest, despite being an extra 1kg heavier than his sister, the birth was a lot easer the second time around.”

Baby Parker weighed 5.75kg. Photo: Facebook/Blacktown Midwifery Group

Nikki’s midwife Alex says it just goes to show what a woman’s body is capable of.

“Women’s bodies are designed to grow and birth their babies,” Alex tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

“Nikki felt confident in her body’s ability to birth her baby and both myself and (consultant obstetrician) Dr Martin agreed wholeheartedly.”

Mum, husband Michael, baby Parker and big sister Maddison, 20 months, are all doing well back at home in Riverstone.

Parker’s arrival made headlines around the country, after his birth was shared on the Blacktown Midwifery Group’s Facebook Page.

“New record,” the post read.

“We are happy to report the not so little Parker and Mum Nikki are doing well. Welcome to the world Parker, you’ll be the talk of Blacktown Maternity for a long time to come.”

Midwife Alex, Dr Martin and Parker. Photo: Facebook/Blacktown Midwifery Group

It was expected that Parker would be a big baby when he was estimated at 3.5kg at his 34 week scan. 

But despite Parker’s size Nikki praised all mum’s.

“I’m sure all births hurt, whether it’s 1.7kg of 5.7kg — they all hurt,” she told the publication.

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