Sydney housemate ad goes viral for very detailed questionnaire

Eliza Velk
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When it comes to finding a new housemate, it’s not uncommon to go through an interview-like process to find the right person.

However, one group of Sydneysiders have taken it to a whole new level when they made potential candidates for their five-person share house answer an 18-question survey that would take anyone down a rabbit hole of self-reflection.

While it starts off fairly reasonable, with questions like, “What do you do for work and what is your work schedule like?”, it quickly takes a strange turn by asking questions like, ‘What about your life intensely excites you?’ and “How do you view your life in relationship to this planet?”.

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Throwing out some more questionable vibes it then asks, “How do you deal with dishes and cleanliness around the home” and “How would you react to a housemate walking back from the bathroom nude?”

By the end of the questionnaire, an interested applicant will have done a complete analysis of their strengths and weaknesses, identified how they deal with conflict, explained their political stance and questioned how important ‘self-development’ is in their life along with the specific forms of ‘self-care’ measures they take.

A group of Sydney housemates are looking for a new flatmate, but they’ve created quite a rigorous application process. Source: Facebook
However, the 18-questionnaire applicants have to answer has got a few people raising their eyebrows. Source: Facebook

Yet in fairness, the group of housemates aren’t just hoping the applicant is the right fit for them, they also want to ensure they are the right fit for the applicant and do so by revealing a little bit about who they are.

For instance, in the first question, the flatmates identify themselves as a ‘family-esque group’ who are ‘considerate,’ ‘mindful’ and ‘engaged’ when it comes to fostering a community living space. 

Then at the end of the ad is a little blurb written about each individual member to really give you a feel for the group dynamics.

“[Housemate 1] really enjoys contact improv dance, bettering democracy, non-violent communication, time in nature and honest, vibrant connection,” one bio reads. 

“[Housemate 3] really enjoys eastern poetry, road trips that include wild nature and country op-shop ceramic hunts, insects that camouflage as flowers, and deep conversations,” says another. 

Hopefully, if the ad doesn’t scare off too many people, the group might just find who they are looking for.

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