Swingers reveal the truth about jealousy and their first time

Kristine Tarbert
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Couples and singles have revealed the truth about swinging, as they answer people’s most burning, and sometimes completely outrageous, questions.

Speaking on the ABC program ‘You Can’t Ask That‘, the swingers lifted the lid on what it’s really like, opening up about jealousy, their first time, and even sharing tips and tricks they’ve learnt along the way.

“The most basic way of describing swinging is it’s for couples, it’s for singles, for anyone who has that open mind. But there is definitely more to swinging. That’s not it,” Jess, from Sydney, said.

One of the biggest myths about swinging which was debunked straight away is the idea that everyone puts their keys in a bowl.

Lawrence and Jess from Sydney spoke about they first time swinging as a couple. Photo: ABC

“We’ve never ever seen keys in a bowl, ever,” Mr D said.

“That would terrify me because you wouldn’t know who your going home with,” single swinger Meghan, from Brisbane, agreed.

As a single female in swinging circles, Meghan is known as a ‘unicorn’ and unicorns are very sought after because couples often want to explore bisexuality.

“You could get hundreds and hundreds of messages from people asking you to join them,” she said.

Some of the questions asked on Wednesday night’s episode were truly pushing the boundaries. Everything from what it was like to lose your swinging virginity, to what it’s really like watching the love of your life with someone else.

To which Andrew, who was on the show with wife Sally, said: “I’ve got to say it is the hottest thing I have ever seen.”

Meghan is a single female swinger known as a unicorn. Photo: ABC

Jess and Lawrence agree, describing a term called compersion – which Lawrence says is the process of deriving pleasure from another person’s pleasure.

“So her having fun and enjoying sex with someone else makes me happy,” he explained.

All admitted that jealousy does play a part. Meghan called it a ‘natural emotion’ and Jess admitted she did get jealous a lot at the start and was comparing herself to the other women. Both women say the key to overcoming it is just ‘good communication’.

The participants went on to reveal some of the various tips, tricks and favoured positions that they have picked up through their sexual encounters – learning a plethora of rather mind-boggling sexual positions including the ‘Texas oil rig’ and the ‘blind unicorn’ were just some of the highlights.

Sally introduced husband Andrew to swinging. Photo: ABC

Beyond the pleasure, many of the swingers also said they had become better, more generous sexual partners as a result of swinging.

Mutual respect, satisfaction and most of all, consent, are the most important aspects of swinging, they all agreed.

“It’s actually very beautiful and very empowering as a woman to go into this environment where consent is so crucial and so valued,” Sally said.

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