Christmas gift guide: on-trend swimwear you won't want to give away

Recently, it seems like every second Instagram account is a new swimwear label. Not that we’re complaining.

Swimwear can be a great gift, and there’s no better gift than the gift of saving someone from going bikini shopping. So we’ve put together a list of current swimwear trends with examples of each that we think anyone would love.


Mikalea One-Piece by Showpo

Nothing says summer like a bunch of flowers and these ones will last all season. Just put them in water.

Fresh as a bouquet.

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Come Sea Me Bikini by Nasty Gal

Also available in black, this 80s-inspired two-piece actually boasts two current trends: ribbed and high waisted. Not for the faint of heart or moxy.

Ribbed for your pleasure.

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Off the shoulder

Paula Crossover Bikini by Casa Raki

Buy this Merlot-hued number for the classiest woman you know, especially if that’s you.

Definitely no chips there.

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Spirit Animal Zip Front Surf Suit by Seafolly

If you stare at this picture long enough, you’ll see a sailboat.

But seriously, sexy, sun-safe swimwear is our favourite type of swimwear and also a very responsible gift.

Meowrry Christmas.

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Black Fin Crop Bikini by Speedo x P.E Nation

We’re living for this collab. Functional swimwear doesn’t have to be boring, and the results from this marriage of brands have us channelling our inner Stephanie Rice.

Speedo + P.E Nation = summer perfection.

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Tori Bandeau Bikini Top by Montce

So pretty, and perfect for your friend or family member who doesn’t have to wear a bra every second of her waking life. Not that I’m jealous.

We see a pattern forming.

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Coloured animal

Yellow Zebra Print Swimsuit by Jaded London

You need to ask yourself one question: What would Rihanna do?

Did you know zebras bark?

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Eco Sleeve Bikini by Peek & Beau Curve

Polkadot clothing is never a bad investment, whether for yourself or someone you love. It is as timeless as Helen Mirren, who is definitely a wizard.

Spot the difference.

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Icebreaker Bustier Bodysuit by Indah

I mean, who doesn’t want to be a walking, swimming Oscar award?

Be a gold star.

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Long sleeves

Colette Long-Sleeved Bikini by Solid & Striped

Show how much you care about them and their arm health by gifting your nearest and dearest this super hot sartorial oxymoron.

Pink bits.

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High fashion

Red Sparkling One-Piece Swimsuit by Gucci

Put on this luxe Italian dream, click your heels three times and say “There’s no place like Rome. There’s no place like Rome. There’s no place like Rome.”

File under: splurge.

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Kirra Tie Bandeau Bikini by Zimmerman

Did you really think we’d get through a whole swimwear list without something from Zimmerman?

This one’s fun because you can actually be the gift if that’s a vibe you’re into.

All tied up.

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Gathered Maillot by Matteau

So directional it’s almost art, gift this minimalist’s dream to that friend who only wears black and keeps inviting you to feminist talks.

Will you cut it out?

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Deep V-bottoms

Cheeky Bikini by Glassons

I respect this stunning swimsuit too much to make “It’s not easy being green” jokes at its expense.

Minty fresh.

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One shoulder

Bye Bye Baby One Shoulder Bikini by Endless

Give this chic slice of heaven with a trigger warning: ‘May cause distress to anyone afraid of asymmetry.’

Give the cold shoulder.

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Palm Springs Tie-Front Swimsuit by Marysia

If you or someone you love can go a day without spilling something on yourself or sitting in something dirty, buy this beautiful swimsuit. We’d ruin it in minutes.

Now we can't stop thinking about potato scallops.


Arden Bikini by Flagpole

This is the cutest bikini we’ve ever seen and if you don’t buy it, we will. We probably will anyway, tbh.

She wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny...

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Deep V-neckline

Leisl Twist Detail Halterneck Swimsuit by Reiss

Gift this to someone who has a fancy boat. Or someone who has a partner who has a fancy boat. Or someone who knows someone who knows someone who has a fancy boat. This is wasted on land.

Just add sunscreen and a handsome pool attendant.

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High waist

Max Bikini by Topanga

For anyone who’s ever thought “I wonder what it’s like to wear the sky.”

Waist not, want not.

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