Roxy Jacenko reveals the secrets to her success

Natasha Lee

Roxy Jacenko is arguably Australia's most successful PR maven, and she's about to become a whole lot busier after announcing her new role as the face of ENJO

Tired just reading that? So are we.

In an effort to try and understand just how the stunning blonde fits everything into her life, Be sat down with the mother-of-two to find out all her secrets.

Roxy is one of the hardest workers around. Source: Supplied

What does a typical day in the life of Roxy look like?

Hectic, from the minute I get to my desk it doesn’t stop, the only time I get up is for a quick wee, and even then that’s rushed, hahaha.
Every day is training - between Flow Athletic and F45 Double Bay, the school drop for Pixie in record time, then it's into the office for client meetings, attendance at shoots for the many food venues we look after or pitching to media.

Despite being so successful Roxy isn't afraid to get dirty doing housework. Source: Supplied

How do you balance your business and being a mum to two gorgeous children?

I am not an expert by any means on the balance front of things, it’s certainly a daily challenge, as it is for all working parents.
The most important thing for me is to make sure that both get my 100% attention, so if that means I have to be working from home into the
early hours of the morning, then so be it.
I don’t want to look back and think I missed important milestones for Pixie or Hunter so I reduce the amount of sleep time to manage everyones expectations. Oli (husband Oliver Curtis) is a wonderful help with the kids, and I had 12 months to really realise how challenging it is being a working mum on her own.
He is a godsend now he is back (Oli spent time behind bars for insider trading) and a real blessing, plus – they like him more than me so they do what he says!

Roxy's gorgeous kids, Pixie and Hunter. Source: Instagram

How important is it for you to have good skin and to 'look good' in your job?

I think taking pride in your appearance is important for ones own self, I have never thought about taking more pride in my appearance due to a job,
If you look good, you feel good, you have more confidence.
I make my skincare and health and wellbeing a priority. I am rather lazy when it comes to an elaborate skin care program, mostly as I am so time poor. I have a three-minute and in that time it’s a quick once over with Sante by Enjo Make Up remover pads, which only require water, then it’s a quick lather of Dr Natasha Cook’s concentrated moisturiser. Once a month I'll have a Hollywood Facial with Dr Cook – she is amazing.

Roxy kisses hubby Oliver Curtis. Source: Instagram

What tips can you give to other young women trying to make it in the industry?

Understand, before you start, that PR is not by any means a 9-5 job. Our work is basically 7 days, you need to want to live and breathe it because media wait for no one, if we don’t come back, they will hit another PR company that do and your press opportunity for your client is gone!

How excited are you about the upcoming second wedding?

There's no wedding right now, just one killer rock!

That rock! Source: Instagram

Will Pixie and Hunter participate in it? Eg. flower girl

Pixie was at our wedding back in 2011, so if there is a wedding, most certainly they are our best friends and we make sure they are a part of everything.

Roxy works hard but she isn't afraid to play hard either. Source: Instagram

How do you deal with negative criticism?

You know what, I have lived it since the day I opened my Sweaty Betty PR doors 13 years ago. People always have a lot to say and more often than not its negative, I don’t sweat it, today's news is tomorrow's fish and chips wrapper as a friend once told me.
The more they write that’s negative or the more criticism I get the more it pushes me to work harder and achieve more!

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