Woman spots suspicious detail in man's late night dinner photo: 'Do better'

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A woman has revealed how she discovered the man she was seeing was apparently not as single as he claimed to be, after she noticed a suspicious detail in a photo he sent her.

Taking to TikTok, Kayla shared a video of the photo in question, along with the caption: "Gots to do better my guy." 

TikTok cheating photo
A woman was sent this photo by a man she had been seeing. Photo: TikTok

"Gets a snap from the man I'm talking too..." she adds on the photo, which shows two pans on a stove top cooking a meal.

She then zooms in on the image to show a surprising thing she noticed in the reflection of the stove top.

"White acrylics, bracelets, rose gold Apple watch, ring."


The video has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times, with people sharing their surprise and support in the comments. 

"Don't men know we are detectives?" one wrote.

"Attention to detail... impressive," another commended, while a third wrote: "Not him snapping you while she's RIGHT there!"

TikTok cheating detail woman reflection
When she zoomed in she noticed a woman in the reflection. Photo: TikTok

Some tried to stand up for the man, suggesting the other woman may just be a relative or roommate. 

"Girl that could be a sister, aunt, mum, cousin, anything," was one comment.

But in response to these suggestions Kayla replied in a later comment she was able to confirm the woman was neither.

She explained: "When I asked who it was, he said it 'should've been you'."

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It comes after another woman shared an almost identical scenario, also on TikTok, after a man she was dating sent her a photo of him seemingly watching the Olympics 'with the boys'.

Megan-Marie shared the incriminating photo in a now viral TikTok video, captioning the clip: "Do i have dumb written on my face?"

Photo: Tiktok
Photo: Tiktok

The reflection on the TV cabinet shows two sets of legs - his own and then what appear to be a smoothly shaved pair of female legs. In the clip Megan also highlights the coffee-table books and decor, leading her to believe he was in a woman’s house

In a follow up post, Megan shared the ‘live’ photo which he sent from his iPhone, where a woman’s voice can also be heard, but confirmed they had only been on one date so she didn't consider it 'cheating'.

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