Survivor fans hit out at 'sexist pig' contestant

Alicia Vrajlal
Entertainment Editor

This year’s Survivor contestants are pulling no punches when it comes to winning, and the true competitive sides of both the Champions and Contenders teams are very clear.

But viewers are shocked at Zach Kozyrski’s comments after his Contenders team failed to win a challenge during last night’s episode, and have labelled him ‘misogynistic’ and a ‘sexist pig’.

The 39-year-old personal trainer didn’t hold back last night, blaming the female team members and the ‘mums’ on the tribe for costing the team a victory.

Survivor fans are outraged by Zach’s comments. Source: Channel Ten

“I really need the girls to pick their game up,” he told fellow tribe member Robbie.

“Our guys are somewhat competitive against their guys. The girls that they’ve got are all athletes, and then we’ve got graphic designers, and mums, and whatever the hell it is Paige does — I don’t even know.”

He also went on to suggest the female team members don’t really have a chance of winning a physically-demanding challenge on the show.

“If it’s physical strength? Girl, no chance,” he said. “But if we’re looking at, like, a dishwashing challenge? I might be in trouble.” 

He blamed the female tribe members for his team failing to win a challenge. Source: Channel Ten

It didn’t take long for fans to express their disappointment and outrage on social media last night.

“”Never seen a bigger sexist pig on any tv show than Zach #survivorau,” one viewer tweeted.

Zach saying they have ‘mums’ on their tribe… geez he hasn’t met many mums in today’s society!!! We are tough!! #SurvivorAU,” another wrote. 

One viewer claimed Zach’s behaviour is unprecedented in the show’s history.

@Survivor_AU In the history of survivor I’ve never seen such a male chauvinist like Zach. He degrades the female contestants to the lowest. What kind of respect is that for his own team and all women watching the show? Such an idiot! #caveman #SurvivorAU,” the viewer tweeted. 

This isn’t the first time Zach’s raised eyebrows with his comments, as he commented on Paige’s ‘a*s’ as she walked past at camp.

He then issued an ‘apology’ on Instagram, saying he was sorry because ‘she’s like a 6, and I would only say stuff like that to 8’s and above’.

Speaking to Be on Friday, the show’s most recently eliminated contestant Moana Hope said she was also disappointed with Zach’s behaviour.

“I wish I’d had stayed on the show so I could smash him on a challenge. Not physically smash him but just out-strength him on a challenge,” she said.

“He’s got a big bark but no bite. He must have been through a lot in life to be so rude and obnoxious towards women.”

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