“Survivor 45” star qualifies for “Jeopardy: Tournament of Champions”

“Survivor 45” star qualifies for “Jeopardy: Tournament of Champions”

Drew Basile has now won five consecutive "Jeopardy" episodes.

Survivor 45 star Drew Basile just hit a major milestone on Jeopardy.

With five wins under his belt, the 23-year-old master’s student now qualifies for the game show’s Tournament of Champions. That means that he’s eligible to return to Jeopardy the next time it hosts one of these tournaments, as all players who have won at least five games in the current season are eligible to compete.

<p>CBS</p> Ken Jennings and Drew Basile on 'Jeopardy'


Ken Jennings and Drew Basile on 'Jeopardy'

Basile had described himself as one of the smartest people to ever compete on Survivor, and his performance on Jeopardy seems to back up that claim. Over the course of his first five games, Basile has won $91,283, and answered 121 questions correctly with only 24 incorrect responses.

The contestant, who is the first player to compete on both shows, has fared better on the trivia show than he did on the island, as he was ultimately voted off of Survivor before season 45’s final five. “I had the privilege of being on Survivor recently,” Basile told host Ken Jennings during his first interview on the show. “So I lasted out there for 23 days of 26 with no clothes, no shelter, no food. [It] affected the noggin a little bit, but I’m hoping to, you know, be back on the horse for Jeopardy.

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Robert Voets/CBS Drew Basile on 'Survivor 45'
Robert Voets/CBS Drew Basile on 'Survivor 45'

Tournament of Champions takes place after a season has wrapped, and season 40 is set to finish on July 26. The show has aired the tournament at two different points throughout the year — most of them have premiered in November, but a few recent tournaments have started in February or March, including the most recent tournament, which ran from Feb. 23 to March 19 of this year.

Previous Tournament of Champions victors include mega-winners Brad Rutter, James Holzhauer, and Amy Schneider.

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In season 40, Basile has only been outdone by three other competitors: Adriana Harmeyer, who won $349,600 in 15 days and was eliminated by Basile; Alison Betts, who won $121,500 in five days; and Amy Hummel, who won $100,994 in five days. If he passes Hummel’s $100k total and remains in the top three winners by the end of the season, he may qualify to move straight to the semifinal round and bypass the quarterfinal round of the tournament.

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