The surprising top five Aussie favourites at McDonald's revealed

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There’s nothing like a Maccas run to tide over your hunger. But have you ever wondered what McDonald’s item the fast-food outlet sells the most throughout the year?

There are some serious stats out there about the number of McDonald’s burgers sold and since the first store opened its doors it’s estimated that Maccas has made well over 100 billion burgers. Mind Blown.

McDonald's has announced its most popular items for the year. Photo: Getty
McDonald's has announced its most popular items for the year. Photo: Getty

Back here in Australia though, we seem to have our favourite go-to meals, but the results of the top-selling items for 2021 may surprise you.

With close to 2 million customers per day, it’s fair to say a lot of fast food flies out the doors of the 970 stores across Australia.


So here’s what Aussies are ordering when it comes to their fast-food favourites:

Five: Cappuccino

Now, McDonald’s isn’t exactly known for its coffee, but ever since the world’s first McCafe opened in Melbourne, Victoria in 1993 it soon became a go-to stop for Aussies in need of a coffee hit.

As the fifth top-selling item for 2021 part of the appeal of the Maccas Cappuccino is that it’s available quickly and easily through drive-thru almost any time of the day. And who doesn’t need a convenient coffee hit every now and then?

McDonald's coffee
Surprisingly, Aussie customers love a cappuccino from maccas. Source: McDonald's

Four: Chicken McNuggets

This one is clearly due to Aussies looking for a tasty bite-sized snack on the go.

Made with tender juicy 100% Aussie Chicken breast in a crisp tempura coating - it’s kind of hard to go past these little beauties when you're after a quick snack.

McDonald's McNuggets
The perfect bite-sized, fast and on-the-go snack. Source: McDonald's

Three: Big Mac

It’s not surprising that McDonald’s world-famous Big Mac is in the top five products purchased for 2021, but it is surprising it’s not number one.

Arguably the franchise’s most popular burger has come in at number three. But despite an ever-growing menu with so many options, it’s still amongst the top item sold to Aussies this year.

It’s got to be that special sauce!

McDonald's Big Mac
It's one of the most famous burgers world-wide, but it only scored the third spot for most popular item sold at Aussie McDonald's restaurants in 2021. Source: McDonald's

Two: Hash Browns

When McDonald’s made their breakfast menu available all-day, Aussies everywhere rejoiced. Mainly because they could now get these little golden beauties 24/7.

And although Maccas scrapped their all-day breakfast this year (leaving some Aussies upset) there was some good news.

The humble hash brown remained an all-day item - and with good reason! We guess that’s why this crunchy golden gem is the second-highest selling item.

McDonald's hash brown
Eversince the Hash Brown became available everyday, Maccas customers have been lovin' it. Source: McDonald's

One: Cheeseburger

Well, there you have it. The little legend that is a McDonald’s Cheeseburger is the highest selling item for the fast-food giant for 2021.

The fan-favourite is by far the nation’s top choice when it comes to ordering from the golden arches and it’s not hard to see why.

McDonald's cheeseburger
Who knew this little number was so popular!? Source: McDonald's

It’s one of the cheapest burger options on the menu and is often included in the store’s loose-change menu.

And you can get it as part of one of the store’s most popular meals - the Happy Meal.

So there you have it! The surprising top five Maccas go-to items for 2021.

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