Supermodel's defiant act after 'concerning' catwalk fall: 'Gutted'

Many fans sympathised with the model after she struggled to walk.

A supermodel suffered a painful fall on a catwalk at Paris Fashion Week after she struggled to walk in her shoes during the Valentino Haute Couture show.

Video circulating on social media shows model Kristen McMenamy wearing a bejewelled strapless gown and long pink gloves, teamed with a pair of black stilettos.

As she struts down the catwalk, the 58-year-old appears to take a misstep before she tumbles over and falls on her knees. The supermodel, whose career mainly spanned over the 80s and 90s, then looked annoyed as she ripped off the stilettos before standing up and continuing to walk before the model behind her caught up.

Kristen McMenamy is seen falling before pulling her shoes off as she sits on a catwalk.
Kristen McMenamy ripped her shoes off after falling on a catwalk at Paris Fashion Week. Source: Twitter

As she left the catwalk, the model still struggled to walk in bare feet as she continued to stumble.

A video shared on Twitter attracted comments from fans sympathising with the model and expressing worry over the fact she could not walk properly even after taking off the shoes.


"Oh my god but the way she walks when she takes them off is genuinely concerning," one wrote.

"I’ve never empathised more with an individual in my life. I struggle to watch ankles twist and contort and that was rough, even the off-stage exit was not easy. Bless her for making the executive decision to take the heels off. I hope her ankles were ok," another said.

"She probably twisted her ankle when she fell. Props to her for continuing the walk even while in pain," a third added while somebody else wrote: "Imagine if your job is to just walk and you fail ... gutted for her."

Others suggested her tumble was a result of her shoes being too small.

"Models are constantly wearing shoes at least two sizes too small. You try it and see how you do," one said.

"How many women have gotten hurt, or broken their ankle because of designers putting them in the highest heels! Just saying," a fan wrote.

"If she’s been a model since the 80s/90s, and designers are notorious for putting models in smaller shoes, it could be a combination of wearing unsupported shoes way too small and ankle problems from the former," a comment read.

The latest catwalk fall comes after a video went viral last year of a Valentino model struggling to walk in her high shoes.

The video shows her ankles wobbling and the model almost losing her balance as she flaunts a couture design.

"This is so painful. Props for her still walking down that aisle," one commented on a TikTok.

"Something is not right here, poor girl," another said.

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