The super annoying airport prank driving people mad

Kristine Tarbert
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Everyone who travels knows the feeling when you’re about to get on a flight and you just want to post that final airport selfie, or send an update to your family, but your phone is almost dead.

So what do you do? You go hunting for the perfect seat that’s near your gate and right next to a power outlet so you can charge your phone.

Well pranksters have now taken that desperation and turned it into an opportunity to dupe tired travellers with fake outlet stickers.

And we’ve got to say, they do look pretty convincing.

Someone has taking to pranking tired travellers while they wait at the airport. Photo: Getty
Someone has taking to pranking tired travellers while they wait at the airport. Photo: Getty

“So I scour around Vegas airport looking for an outlet to save me, not knowing I am now unwittingly entangled in the web of history’s greatest villain,” Brandon, who shared his discovery of the fake stickers on Twitter, told media outlets.

“As for what kind of person would do this, I have no idea. I just hope they make a Marvel movie about whoever finally catches him or her.”

We’re not really sure how someone came up with this idea, but despite scores of weary travellers being left totally befuddled, this prank is kind of hilarious.

The trend has quickly swept around the world, confusing travellers everywhere.

“Why put a sticker of an outlet on the wall in the terminal? So triggered,” another person wrote on Twitter.

While the pranksters have been labelled as ‘cruel’, ‘evil’, and ‘diabolical’, many others couldn’t hide their amusement over the victims falling for the stickers. Some even sharing links to sites where the stickers can be purchased.

And of course it didn’t take long for videos to start flooding Youtube either, one of which you can watch above.

Beware the fake plugs people! Best to keep a power-pack on hand to charge your phone if you have to.

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