One surprising thing you should never buy in duty free

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There's one thing you should always buy before you head to the airport. Photo: Getty Images

We all love a duty free splurge before an exciting, holiday getaway.

Whether a ludicrously proportioned bottle of top shelf alcohol, a random assortment of international lollies, or a good book (or five) for the plane ride, it’s easy to spend as you save in the tax-free zone.

As it turns out, there is at least one item which the airport is always going to charge more for, and the bad news is that it’s a holiday essential.

A CEO of a UK financial planning service, NimbleFins, has revealed that for those wanting to soak up the sun without the cancerous side effects, the best bet is to avoid stocking up at the airport.

"If you need to buy sun lotion from the airport duty-free you might pay nearly £6 ($10) more per bottle,” Erin Yurday told Cosmopolitan.

Sunscreen is one holiday essential you should pick up at before the airport. Photo: Getty Images

He warns however, that the price at the other end may be even steeper.

“However duty-free prices may still be cheaper than what you'd pay once you arrive at your destination, as shops in tourist towns have notoriously high prices for necessities like sun lotion,” he said.

The thrifty holiday maker therefore, should buy in bulk before heading to the airport, if you want your summer glow to remain strictly sun safe.

A holiday necessity

If you’re stuck with the airport as your only option however, you’ll need to swallow your bargain-hunter pride and cough up the extra cash.

Sunscreen is an absolute necessity for a sun-heavy getaway.

The Better Health Channel advises that a ‘safe’ tan is a myth, and that sun protection should be a huge priority.

“To get the best protection from UV, sunscreen should be used in conjunction with hats, protective clothing, sunglasses and shade,” the website recommends.

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