Sullivan's star Susan Hannaford lashes out in interview

Anita Lyons

Susan Hannaford has lashed out at Sunday Night journo, Matt Doran in an explosive interview that will air this week.

The actress, who starred on one of Australia's most loved soaps, The Sullivans, is currently embroiled in some real life drama of her own.

Though she disappeared from the spotlight many years ago, the 64-year-old still lives an extravagant lifestyle, however she's replaced the shores of Sydney with Beverley Hills.

Susan Hannaford played Kitty Sullivans in Australia's most loved-soap The Sullivans. Source: Crawford Productions

While things seem friendly when Susan takes Matt through her American mansion, things quickly take a turn for the worst once they sit down for an interview.

Speaking of her lavish lifestyle, Susan tells the journalist that "everything has worked out beautifully".

"$14 million went missing," Matt says.

"Oh, I understand that - that's different," Susan responds. Eeep.

Susan during her interview with Matt Doran on 'Sunday Night'. Source: Channel 7

"Do you have difficulty telling the truth?" Matt then asks.

"Do you have difficulty wth your IQ?" Susan responds, clearly unimpressed. OUCH!

After being evicted from her multi-million dollar home in Sydney in 2013, Susan was found by Woman's Day earlier this year.

Matt Doran leaves Susan Hannaford less than impressed during the interview when he probes her about $14million that went missing. Source: Channel 7

She remained coy about her "situation" and said that she there was "a big story and that she would shortly break it".

It is unclear what that story is, but we bet it has something to do with that 14 million!

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