Suits boss says royals had one of Meghan Markle's lines cut

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Suits boss says royals had this Meghan line cutIan Watson/USA Network/NBCU Photo Bank - Getty Images

Suits creator Aaron Korsh has claimed the royal family requested one of Meghan Markle's lines be cut from the show.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Korsh said he was asked to remove the line "poppycock" from Meghan's script.

Meghan began dating Prince Harry in 2016 and left Suits in 2018, after seven seasons in her role as Rachel Zane, to focus on royal duties.

"[The royal family] weighed in on some stuff," Korsh claimed. "Not many things, but a few things that we wanted to do and couldn't do... it was a little irritating."

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Korsh explained that he included "poppycock" in the script as a nod to his wife's family, who often used the term when referring to a discussion around a sensitive topic. However, Korsch claimed he later received a call explaining that the royals wouldn't be comfortable with Meghan saying the line.

"The royal family did not want her saying the word. They didn't want to put the word 'poppycock' in her mouth," he said.

"I presume because they didn't want people cutting things together of her saying 'cock'. So, we had to change it to 'bullshit' instead of 'poppycock', and I did not like it because I'd told my in-laws that ['poppycock'] was going to be in the show."

Korsh added that he was unsure how the royal family obtained the scripts but understood the concerns over online editing.

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"I had some sympathy because I wouldn't want somebody doing that to her either," he said.

Digital Spy has reached out to representatives for Meghan and the royal family for comment.

Meanwhile, Korsh has also addressed the legal drama's recent addition to Netflix, saying that he had no plans to revive the show despite its resurgent popularity in the past few months.

Suits is streaming on Netflix.

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