We styled our STAX. activewear into everyday outfits

We teamed up with STAX. to style their activewear into fashionable, everyday outfits!

Video transcript

- If you're anything like us, working from home has made us want to stay in our comfy clothes all day. So we headed into the STAX store in Sydney to style our favorite activewear into some very fashionable everyday looks from the help of STAX's very own Matilda Robertson.

MATILDA ROBERTSON: OK, so today, we are starting off in our famous best black pieces. These are made from nylon spandex, which is literally the most flattering, buttery soft fabric. We've got a classic crop here, full-length tights. The zip jacket, which is also known as the BBL jacket because of like the little cinched waist here and some midi-length bike shorts. So I feel like these are like perfect, classic pieces to start styling.


- So we just changed into office looks. Why don't you walk us through how you styled us.

MATILDA ROBERTSON: So we're doing corporate, OK? So we're doing activewear to corporate styling. A blazer-- an oversized blazer works with everything, but I think the key to activewear styling is layering. So that's what we've done.

We've got pieces from the Secondleft collection, including the full-length tights. We've got a tank. We've got a T-shirt and the tights. But putting pieces on top makes it look like you're not going to the gym, especially this top here or this long-sleeve button-up. Pulling your hair back, adding some accessories, and you're ready to go to work.


So we're doing girls' night. We've got a Secondleft set on here with the bike shorts. We've paired it with knee-high boots, an oversized blazer, and silver accessories. I feel like if you lay out and add accessories, you can get away with activewear anywhere.

The second outfit here, we have tucked in the high-neck body tank into the full-length best black tights. So it looks like a catsuit, a one piece. And we've got a beautiful coat, gold accessories, a stand-out bag.

- This is probably my favorite outfit.


- I'm obsessed. Like might just run away.



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