Stuff Pork With Apples For A Savory Marriage Of Flavors

apple stuffed pork chops
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If you're looking for a way to make a pork chop meal more exciting, you may want to consider stuffing the meat with apples for a delicious marriage of flavors — such as in Tasting Table's apple chutney-stuffed pork chops recipe. While you may not have thought to combine apples and pork before, the two ingredients work quite well together. Apples typically have a sweet taste, which offers a nice balance to the savoriness of pork — or if you prefer, tart apples pair just as well, creating a nuanced and dynamic flavor profile.

In fact, recipe developer Petar Marshall notes that any type of apple works well in the dish, so a major perk is that you get to use your favorite variety. If you like experimenting in the kitchen, this is the perfect opportunity to try this recipe a few times over with different types of apples to figure out which one you like the best.

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How To Stuff Pork With Apples

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close up various apples - Picture Partners/Getty Images

Another great aspect of this stuffed pork chop recipe is the simplicity of the prep — even if making something that is "stuffed" might sound a bit overwhelming, especially for beginner home cooks. Firstly, the apple chutney is quickly prepared on the stove with very little effort. After that, it's time for stuffing -- but don't fret, it's not as complex as it sounds.

To prepare the pork chops, all you have to do is slice the chop through the middle — but not all the way through (you don't want to cut it into two separate pieces) — to create room for the chutney. At the same time, don't be afraid to make an opening that is pretty substantial in size. Marshall says, "It's important to cut deep into the pork chop to allow for plenty of room for stuffing." Then, all that's left to do is scoop chutney into the opening, and the hardest part of the prep is done. Once you realize how easy it is to stuff a pork chop, you'll want to make all kinds of stuffed pork recipes.

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