Couples with this colour room have more sex

A new study has found a link between the colour of a couple's bedroom walls and how active their sex life is.

The colour of your walls may never has stirred any desires in you before, but apparently there are some patterns when it comes to what paint you use in your bedroom.

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According to a survey conducted by Travelodge, which looked at 2000 British homes and their bedroom habits, if you're after a good night's sleep then paint your walls blue but if you're looking for some action, you're more likely to get it with caramel tones.

People with caramel coloured bedrooms have the most amount of sex, a new study has found. Photo: Getty.
People with caramel coloured bedrooms have the most amount of sex, a new study has found. Photo: Getty.

People who have caramel coloured walls apparently have sex three times a weeks, with the survey claiming it reminds them of confectionary-like items and gets them in the mood.

According to the study, people who lay their heads down in rooms painted in red had the least sex, which is interesting as this is generally the universal colour associated with love.

Travelodge interior designer Francis Whitley said, "Room color does influence your mood and set the tone for your living environment."

"Therefore, it's important to choose a bedroom décor that will help you relax and induce sleep."

Those with blue walls got the best night's sleep, - up to eight hours a night- while rooms decorated with purple, brown or grey were the least sleep-inducing colours.

The study also found that bankers, estate agents and engineers are most likely to paint their rooms in a gold colour, which is actually a bad idea as it's thought to provoke financial anxiety.

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