Stripper eats pizza on stage, becomes internet sensation

Kristine Tarbert
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An LA stripper has gained a legion of fans after she decided to stop mid-routine and eat a pizza on stage.

Lilly Moon performs at the club Jumbo Clown Room, and was recently filmed by a colleague during a sexy pole routine.

In the footage, which has now gone viral, Lilly decides to grab a slice of pizza and after twirling around the pole, she sits down to eat to it, without a care in the world.

The song Enter Sandman by Metallica, is blaring over the speakers as she eats for a few minutes before giving the rest of the slice to a man and continuing with her routine.

Lilly Moon decided to stop mid-routine to eat a pizza. Photo: Youtube
She then continued her routine. Photo: Youtube

Lilly later shared the video on her YouTube channel – revealing that it was a co-worker that took the video – and it’s already been viewed over 100k times.

“Not all heroes wear capes, sometimes they’re dancers eating pizza,” one person commented on the video.

“Eating pizza on stage?? All them guys better give up all their ones! The best performance of the night,” another wrote.

“I’d eat pizza in my underwear on stage for free, tbh,” was another response.

Fans have called her a ‘hero’. Photo: Twitter

The video was also shared Twitter, even Perez Hilton joining her new fan base.

“Real women eat pizza! Right,” he wrote.

She was even turned into a cartoon.

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