Strictly Come Dancing's 5 biggest stories this week: Theme week splits the crowd and Jayde Adams speaks out

Theme tune week and Jayde Adams' leaving comments - Strictly Come Dancing's biggest stories this week. (BBC)
Theme tune week and Jayde Adams' leaving comments - Strictly Come Dancing's biggest stories this week. (BBC)

Strictly Come Dancing has gone heavy on the theme weeks recently - but while some have been music to viewers' ears, others have been something of a nightmare.

Recently evicted Jayde Adams has spoken out on the tough time women face on the show, while Matt Goss has shared how a message from the spirit world brought him comfort after being voted out.

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And if you've been wondering what the Jordans have been up to lately, they offered an update on their housing situation.

The 5 biggest stories from Strictly Come Dancing this week

Theme tune week divides the crowd

James Bye and Amy Dowden did a Foxtrot to the EastEnders theme tune for Strictly Come Dancing. (BBC)
A theme tune mash-up didn't entirely win over the crowd. (BBC)

There are some theme weeks that are absolute classics in the ballroom - movie week, musicals and Halloween are all hits.

And then, every so often the show is thrown a curve ball with a theme week that doesn't look in danger of being repeated any time soon.

For the BBC's centenary special, couples were given theme tunes of BBC shows through the decades to work with, but the results in last Saturday's show were often a little awkward.

James Bye's Foxtrot to the EastEnders tune was considered by many viewers to be a little odd, while others thought Molly Rainford drawing the short straw with the Grange Hill theme tune might have been a strong factor for her ending up in the dance off.

Luckily, we're back on solid ground this week with a theme week favourite...

Halloween week is back

Is there a more popular theme week in the Strictly schedule?

Halloween is a chance for the costume and make-up departments to show off their incredible skills, while spooky numbers lend themselves perfectly to dramatic Paso Dobles or slapstick Charlestons.

This year, we're particularly looking forward to seeing Molly Rainford and Carlos Gu's Argentine Tango to Kate Bush classic 'Running Up That Hill', which we're hoping will be Stranger Things themed.

Others to look out for include Ellie Simmonds and Nikita Kuzmin's Scooby Doo Foxtrot, and Tyler West dancing a Cha Cha with Dianne Buswell to 'Day-O'.

Jayde Adams says what we're all thinking

Jayde Adams and Karen Hauer were sent home from Strictly 2022 in week five. (BBC)
Karen Hauer and Jayde Adams were sent home from Strictly 2022 in week five. (BBC) (BBC/Kieron McCarron)

She might have left the ballroom with Karen Hauer this week, but Jayde Adams is still being iconic - this time, by calling out the unfair standards women are held to on Strictly.

Adams spoke to It Takes Two host Rylan about the body shaming abuse she had been subjected to and the insults levelled at head judge Shirley Ballas simply for voicing her opinion.

Comedian Adams said: "I will say, women specifically on this show get it in the neck [on social media]. Whether it’s me, whether it’s Karen, whether it’s Shirley, the women get it worse than the men.”

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On the subject of trolling about her weight, she added: "If there was something that wrong with me, I wouldn’t be able to dance six hours every day and lift Karen.

"Because of how stupid this logic is, I suspect their issues aren’t to do with me at all. But women always get it in the neck don’t they.

"I’m not ignoring it, I’m addressing it. The more I show resilience to it, the more other people will be able to and that’s useful I think."

James and Ola Jordan are 'homeless'

Ola and James Jordan. (Getty Images)
Ola and James Jordan had trouble finding a new home. (Getty Images)

James and Ola Jordan have long since exited the show, but they're still two of its most recognisable stars - and unfortunately, despite their fame they've been suffering housing troubles this week.

The couple are currently selling their luxury home and needed to find somewhere to rent with toddler daughter Ella while they looked for a new pad.

But James shared on social media: "We found a rental property we liked and went this morning to meet the landlord.

"I have never been spoken to so rudely! Especially in front of Ola and Ella. It was almost like it was a set up.

"I hope no one out there has experienced this with a landlord. He spoke down to us from the minute I shook his hand."

He joked: "Currently homeless. Anyone want to take Ola, Ella and myself for Christmas?"

The Jordans were inundated with offers, but luckily have now found somewhere to live.

Matt Goss visited by mum's ghost

Matt Goss
Matt Goss claims he was visited by his mum's spirit. (BBC)

Bros star Matt Goss has never been shy of sharing an out-there story, and has told how after his exit from Strictly he was visited by his mum's spirit five times in one night.

Goss told The Sun that his beloved late mum Carol, who died in 2014, offered him comfort after he exited the competition.

The Strictly result is pre-recorded late on a Saturday after the live show, but does not air until the Sunday evening, and Goss told how he couldn't bring himself to watch his exit on the Sunday show as he "just wanted to be in my own bubble".

He said: “I was getting streams of messages from people and that night I just lay in the dark listening to music.

“A bag fell off a shelf. And then I said, ‘Mum is that you? If it’s you, can the music stop?’. And then the music stopped. Then it came back on and did it again. It happened about five times.

“I knew it was my mum. It was unbelievable and this incredible, warm feeling came over me. It was a beautiful thing and I knew it was a sign everything would be OK.”

Strictly Come Dancing continues on Saturday at 6.50pm and Sunday at 7.20pm on BBC One.

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