Streetwear fashion creator shares his hack to perfectly organize graphic tees

Joshua Jamal (@ijoshuajamal3), a fashion and streetwear creator, has several hacks for keeping your closet organized and shared them on his TikTok page.

One of the hacks Jamal shared was how to properly fold T-shirts and save space in the closet.

This is just one of many hacks TikTokers have shared to help elevate the way other wear and store their T-shirts. Other creators, like David Vu (@Davidvooo) have shown users how to fix their shirts when the neckline has gone loose — which consists of tying it with a rubber band and boiling it.

Furthermore, some TikTokers have tried found creative ways to make room in their closets. A stylist named Daniela (@n.daniverse) used a shower rod to create another rack in her closet, giving her space to hang her purses.

Jamal’s hack which only requires a basket that he bought at Walmart, combines the two and saves space and preserves the shirt.

The first step in his folding technique is to lay the shirt on the ground and grab the shirt at the edges around the middle. Then Jamal said to grab the shirt at two points — the top left collar and the bottom left of the shirt.

“Grab the shirt next to the collar, and just imagine a line going straight down and pinch,” Jamal explained in his video. “Fold it over like this… Fold it one more time to where you can see the collar and see part of the graphic.”

Once the shirt is set up in this way, the only thing that’s left is to fold the arms back and put them in a container.

After seeing this way to fold and organize T-shirts, they were happy to learn a simple, effective trick.

“I’m mad this was so easy cause I just learned another way and it took longer smh,” replied @six__________________6.

On top of teaching viewers how to fold shirts, Jamal also had a hack for folding jeans in an efficient way.

“Most people when they fold their jeans, they fold it this way with the zipper out,” Jamal said. “But I want you to do it in reverse. Instead, I want you to fold your jeans the other way where the zipper is now in.”

The point of this was so the belt loop was facing outward. Once this happens, you can run both legs through a hanger, fold them and run the belt loop through the hook of the hanger.

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