Streaming shows have impacted where people are traveling

Binge-watching in the U.S. has skyrocketed since 2020 — and it’s impacting where we travel.

Expedia reports that 68% of travelers were more inspired by TV shows than social media. When things shut down during the pandemic, Americans started watching more television. Now they’re heading to once-overlooked places like British estates due to The Crown, Downton Abbey and Bridgerton.

The New York Times reported that street food vendors on Jeju Island experienced a rush of tourism due to Squid Game’s use of dalgona candy. The show also boosted interest in travel to South Korea by 25% at the Asian travel agency Remote Islands.

Others have planned vacations around Scotland after binging Outlander and Morocco after watching Inventing Anna. In fact, since the latter’s debut, HuffPost reported in March, there was a 500% increase in daily traffic to the La Mamounia hotel in Marrakech on Tripadvisor.

Locally, Yellowstone viewers are visiting Wyoming’s natural landscapes, while fans of Fargo, Ozark and Portlandia are heading to those namesakes.

Even Paris, a long-time destination for international travelers, got a boost in interest from Netflix’s Emily in Paris.

“It’s no secret that ‘Emily in Paris’ has burst onto our screens and boosted Paris’s appeal to young people around the world,” CEO of Next Vacay Naveen Dittakavi told HuffPost.

So which television series is inspiring your next getaway?

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