Strangers fall in love on plane and the Internet is loving it

Ciara Sheppard
Contributor Yahoo Style UK

Sometimes finding love is all about circumstance.

When Rosey Blair and her boyfriend were sat on separate rows on a flight home to Texas, they asked a fellow passenger to swap so they could sit together.

At the time, they convinced the unsuspecting woman to swap, joking that she could end up being sat next to the love of her life.

A lesson for us all: always swap seats. [Photo: Rosey Blair]

But little did she know it could turn out to be true…

Rosey and her partner, who were sat behind the newly-formed seat buddies, watched a romance blossom in front on them and Rosey decided to document the entire thing on Instagram stories.

When the woman’s new seat partner arrives, Rosey pointed out that they were both “sexy fitness buffs” and they were “chatting and smiling at each other” before they’d even taken off.

Before long, Rosey and her partner overheard that they were both fitness instructors and they instantly had tons to talk about.

The eagle-eyed matchmakers next noticed they both seems to be single. Why? No wedding rings!

Later, the unnamed woman went to the toilet only to come back with her hair down…

All the signs!

One thing was certain, the pair making obvious physical contact as they squidged close to one another sharing the centre arm rest.

Ooo la la.

Later, the pair showed each other family photos AKA in-laws to be.

Truly committed to her duty to share the tale with the world, Rosey heroically purchased WiFi on the plane so should could carry on Insta Storying.

Then something unprecedented happened.

And finally, when they left the plane, the pair looked pretty cosy, near enough arm in arm…

But it doesn’t stop there, when off the flight, Rosey’s boyfriend did some MI5-style digging and found both of the pair’s Instagram handles.

After messaging ‘hot plane guy’ he agreed to have his identity revealed and they were not lying, he is hot.

Does anyone else really want to know if they went the distance?!


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