Stranger Things star reveals ‘weirdest’ fan interaction

Stranger Things star Grace Van Dien is headed to Australia to meet fans at Melbourne's Oz Comic-Con Christmas edition.

Video transcript

GRACE VAN DIEN: I haven't been to Australia before, so it'll be my first time. But what usually is, is, like, I'll do, like, a panel, where you get to ask questions. I'll do some meet and greets and photos. So I have one day where I can frolic a bit. And I've been advised to go get coffee because that's what you guys apparently are really good at. But I was told that I also wouldn't have enough time to see koalas, which makes me sad.


I love the weird questions people come up with. At the convention I just did in Germany, a girl came up to me. And she's like, draw me anything, and I'm going to get it tattooed. And I panicked because, like, people have a few times, like, come up to me and asked me to draw them, like-- oh, draw me a flower, draw me a bat, do this, and I'll get it tattooed. And I'm like, OK, that's less pressure. I'll draw, like, several flowers. I'm like, you have an option, or you can just not do it.

This girl, I drew a little ghost with a heart next to his head because I was like, that's cute. And she already tagged me in photos on Twitter and Instagram with it tattooed. And it looks great. I think it's cute. I'm biased, but--


That's my favorite thing at conventions is, like, how easygoing everyone is about life. Like, it's so cool. I've been asked on a few dates, which is-- I don't feel like it's the right environment for that. That's not why I'm there, and that's not why they should be there either. I'm not looking to get asked out. But I do like-- I do appreciate the friendliness and the openness that people provide there. So it's a double-edged sword, I think, sometimes.