Millie's parents almost went bankrupt making her famous

Leah Cohen

It’s hard to believe Stranger Things child star Millie Bobby Brown is only 12 years old, yet is already set to be one of the world’s best actresses.

But fame didn’t come easy for the British star, who revealed in a tell-all interview with The Daily Mail that her parents almost went bankrupt trying to support her acting career.

In 2017, Millie is set to earn $5 million per movie. Photo: Getty Images

Born in Marbella, Spain, to English parents Kelly and Robert Brown, Millie is the third of four children - Paige, 23, Charlie, 18, and Ava, four.

Robert told the publication: “My other children would watch cartoons, but Mill watched musicals – Chicago, Moulin Rouge, Annie and Bugsy Malone. She’d belt out a tune. She was performing from day one.”

Millie and Stranger Things co-star Winona Ryder. Photo: Getty Images

The family moved back to the UK when Millie was four and sold everything to support Millie’s dreams of becoming a famous actress.

They then moved to Los Angeles to help her score audition for movie rolls.

Millie plays Eleven in the Netflix drama series. Photo: Netflix

When she was eight-years-old, the family uprooted to Florida to launch a tooth-whitening business.

Teen Vogue’s ‘Breakout Star of 2016’ still hadn’t landed a role and one day her father had enough of her “annoying” singing and dancing that “he said: ‘We need to find you something fun to do,’” Millie recalled.

Her parents enrolled her in a weekend stage school where she could act, dance and sing for four hours every Saturday.

One Day, “There was a showcase and an agent said she wanted to represent me,” Millie said, adding the agent suggested they move to Hollywood so she would have a better chance of being scouted.

The young talent landed some minor roles but nothing big enough to make up for all the money her parents had spent on her. So they moved back to England last year on the brink of bankruptcy.

Millie's parents almost went bankrupt supporting her acting career. Photo: Instagram

Little did the Brown’s know a few weeks later, Millie would audition for the role that changed their lives forever.

She auditioned for the sci-fi drama Stranger Things and landed the part of Eleven, a telekinetic runaway from a sinister government agency.

The family relocated back to Los Angeles and Millie’s career has since taken off like she’d never had expected.

Millie is already set to be one of Hollywood's biggest stars. Photo: Instagram

“It’s crazy,” she said, speaking of her sudden success.

“I never in my wildest dreams thought this would happen.”

Millie now has three Los Angeles-based agents, and an American agent, and has already been signed up for a second series of the 1980’s set Netflix show

According to Variety, Mille is “extremely talented and hard-working… exceedingly driven, ambitious and determined.

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“As of 2017, Millie can expect to earn in excess of $5 million per film – and this will shoot up once she hits 16.”

The world really is her oyster.”

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