Strange detail in Barry Humphries' memorial announcement

The state memorial service for Barry Humphries will not be held for many months.

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Barry Humphries, who is best known for his alter egos, Dame Edna Everage and Sir Les Patterson, passed away in Sydney on April 22, aged 89, following complications from hip surgery in February, with fans eagerly awaiting details of his state memorial ever since.

Entertainment reporter Peter Ford has revealed to Seven's The Morning Show that the memorial will be held at the Sydney Opera House but surprisingly won't take place until December 15.

Barry Humphries
Barry Humphries' state memorial has been announced, however, there's a rather strange detail that has people scratching their heads. Photo: Getty

It's unknown as to why there will be such a long delay between the iconic Australian's death and the official memorial.


"It’s a long way off obviously … It will be held at the Sydney Opera House which was the venue they were hoping to be able to secure," Peter told the hosts. "There’s certainly plenty of free dates there between now and December 15 so that doesn’t explain the lag."

While Barry actually grew up in Melbourne, the Victorian government will not be involved with the service, which will be hosted by both the federal and NSW governments.

Barry Humphries as Dame Edna Everage
Barry was best known for his alter egos, Dame Edna Everage and Sir Les Patterson. Photo: Getty

The Victorian government did offer to host the service, however, the Humphries family rejected it, as they were reportedly "unimpressed" that the state government didn't intervene when the comedian's name was removed from the Melbourne International Comedy Festival's 'Barry' Award.

The change was made due after Barry, who was one of the founders of the festival, was accused of transphobia.

"Barry did not want the Victorian government to be involved in this at all and despite what the Premier of this state said about me, they will not be involved at all as per request of the family," Peter said, referencing comments made by Premier Dan Andrews about the funeral and the journalist.

The Premier hit out at the suggestion that the Humphries family didn't want a memorial in Victoria due to their disapproval of him, telling reporters earlier this month that he wasn't going to "have an argument with anybody, least of all an entertainment reporter".

"It is misinformation and absolute nonsense – nonsense that is just fiction – which is making a difficult time harder," he said. "The misinformation is the last thing the family needs as they mourn their family."

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