The Storage Hack You Should Be Trying With Your Next Watermelon

pile of sliced watermelon
pile of sliced watermelon - Banjongseal324/Getty Images

Watermelon is a delicious summer fruit that serves as an excellent midday snack for any occasion. Unfortunately, bowls of freshly sliced watermelon are often plagued by sitting juices from the fruit, which pool at the bottom of the bowl and lead to soggy, waterlogged chunks. Luckily, a recent life hack can be easily employed in your kitchen to alleviate water buildup and keep your watermelon as fresh, crisp, and delicious as the moment it was sliced!

The hack is very simple and calls for placing your watermelon chunks into a colander or salad spinner before placing the whole affair into a large bowl. That way, as water continues to drain and build up in the bottom of the bowl, your fruit is left completely untouched. If the waterlogged fruit produces so much liquid that the water line reaches the lowest hanging fruit in the colander, simply dump the liquid out of the bowl and reset.

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This Hack Has Multiple Benefits!

Sliced watermelon with drink
Sliced watermelon with drink - Kosoff/Shutterstock

The traditional method for serving watermelon generally calls for freshly slicing the nutrient-rich flower into thick chunks and serving in a large bowl, potentially mixing in a host of other fruits to create a delicious fruit salad. With this hack, the colander or salad spinner doubles as a serving bowl, and even offers a good use for the liquid if you want to ensure that nothing goes to waste! The pooling liquid left from your sliced watermelon or mixed fruit salad can be used to spice up a fruity lemonade mixture or cocktail, offering you yet another delicious way to enjoy your favorite summer fruit.

Additionally, the space-saving features of the hack allow you to get more creative with your watermelon presentation. Why not try seasoning your watermelon with some aromatic spices such as curry powder, cayenne, or Tajín to draw out the natural sweetness and provide a little additional kick? Next, consider cutting your fruit into wedges rather than chunks and grilling your watermelon for a couple of minutes on each side to produce a savory, mouthwatering char on the exterior. There are an endless number of possibilities for delicious flavor combinations when you take to experimentation in the kitchen. Watermelon provides ample opportunity for home cooks to quickly and easily step up their game for a community gathering, with this quick and simple life hack paving your path to success!

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