Stop the season! The Dolphins had a lead! For four minutes!

As touchdowns go, it was impressive if not earth-shattering: a 34-yard pass from Josh Rosen to DeVante Parker halfway through the first quarter. But as seasonal markers go, it was a landmark. Because in the fourth game of the season, just days from October ...

... the Miami Dolphins took their first lead of the season.

Miami has lost its first three games by scores of 59-10, 43-0 and 31-6, beatings so bad the Dolphins didn’t even have time to get off the bus before being down two scores. Would this time be different?

No. The lead lasted for all of four minutes, as Philip Rivers led the Chargers right into the Miami end zone. Ah, well. As the poet Robert Frost once said, nothing gold can stay. We’ll always remember those four minutes, though.

Josh Rosen, pictured here earlier in the season, led Miami to its first lead of the season against the Chargers. (Reuters)


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