Stonegate Group pubs price hike: How many London locations are set to see pints rising?

Pubs group Stonegate owns the Slug & Lettuce and Yates chains (Mike Egerton / PA Archive)
Pubs group Stonegate owns the Slug & Lettuce and Yates chains (Mike Egerton / PA Archive)

The cost of a pint could go up by 20p during busier periods at some of the pubs owned by Britain’s largest group under a “dynamic pricing system”.

Stonegate Group is set to introduce a “price-variance” system at many of its venues to see drinkers pay more during busier times to help battle rising costs facing owners.

Having previously held the premium during sports events, the group is set to make the variance commonplace and customers are set to be informed with a “polite notice”.

Stonegate has said the extra amount is needed to cover bouncers, glass washing, and extra cleaning.

A spokesman added: “Across the managed business, our dynamic pricing encompasses the ability to offer guests a range of promotions including happy hours, two-for-one cocktails, and discounts on food and drink products at different times on different days throughout the week.

“This flexibility may mean that, on occasions, pricing may marginally increase in selective pubs and bars due to the increased cost demands on the business with additional staffing or licensing requirements, such as additional door team members.”

What pub chains do Stonegate own?

Stonegate has 4,500 pubs in the UK across its portfolio and it is understood the dynamic-pricing system will be enforced at 800 of them.

The move has already been felt in some pubs, with one punter commenting on social media: “It’s already happening at my local pub — something like £3.40 a pint before 7pm, £4.20 after.”

The brands it operates are:

  • Scream

  • Slug & Lettuce

  • Tattershall Castle

  • Henry’s Café Bar

  • Yates’s

  • Missoula

  • Social Squirrel

  • Flares & Reflex

  • Popworld

  • The Living Room

  • Retro

  • Sports Bar & Grill

  • Walkabout

  • Be At One

  • Fever Bars

  • Tank & Paddle

  • The Liquorist

  • Great UK Pubs

How many Stonegate pubs are there in London?

Stonegate says it has 130 pubs and bars in and around London.

The company has not revealed where the prices will be increased the most and at what exact times but it is thought London could bear the brunt of the price increases.

Sky has reported that the 20p extra per pint figure could be seen at London pubs on Saturdays and Sundays.