Steve Martin's hilarious DIY face mask 'hack' for celebrities

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Steve Martin has gone viral for his hilarious DIY fix for masked celebrities who want recognition - and it is actually brilliant.

“I always wear a mask when I go outside,” the actor tweeted on Saturday. “But something about it was leaving me anxious and unsettled. I thought about the problem, addressed it, and here is the solution.”

steve martin face book sign trick
Steve Martin's hilarious face mask solution. Photo: Twitter

The 75-year-old tweeted a photo of himself balancing a piece of paper on his head that reads, “Steve Martin” with an arrow pointing downward.

Steve’s tweet started trending that morning with Kevin Bacon, Ice-T and Jimmy Kimmel spreading the joke.


“Steve Martin has a solution for those of you who feel wearing a mask is losing a bit of yourself,” ICE T wrote.

And Jimmy Kimmel joked: “The old ‘arrow-through-the-head’ know-how is finally paying dividends!”

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter
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Photo: Twitter

During the coronavirus pandemic, celebrities have advocated for face masks, including Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson (both of whom battled COVID-19 infections in March), Chrissy Teigen, Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Aniston and Sharon Stone.

This week, fans got their hopes up when Father of the Bride director Nancy Meyers hinted that a cast reunion could be in the works. “If he thought a wedding was a lot, how would he react to 2020? Coming soon to the phone in your hand!” she wrote on Instagram.

Steve Martin
Steve Martin's face mask joke trended on Twitter. Photo: Getty

In the 1991 film, Steve (George Banks) and Diane Keaton (Nina Banks) play overly-nostalgic parents to Kimberly Williams-Paisley, whose character Annie becomes engaged.

In the 1995 sequel, George navigates the pregnancy of Annie — and Nina. Answering a tweet asking whether a third installment of the film was possible, Steve tweeted, “Enigmatic, isn’t it?”

Additional reporting by Elise Solé.

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