Steve Martin Celebrates Getting His COVID-19 Vaccine In A Perfectly Cheeky Way

Curtis M. Wong
·2-min read

Turns out the only side effect Steve Martin experienced after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine was self-effacing levity.

The actor and comedian revealed to fans Sunday he’d been vaccinated against the coronavirus, but he couldn’t resist throwing in a joke along the way.

“Good news: I just got vaccinated! Bad news: I got it because I’m 75,” he tweeted.

The “Father of the Bride” star went on to note that he’d signed up for the vaccination online and that the “smooth as silk” procedure had taken place at the Javits Convention Center in New York.

“Right now, I’m having no fide resects,” he cheekily added.

New Yorkers over the age of 65 are currently among those eligible for the vaccine. Unfortunately, the vaccine’s distribution has been spotty thus far.

True to form, Martin has used social media to provide lighthearted commentary on current events as the country continues to grapple with the COVID-19 crisis and a deep political divide.

In September, he offered a solution to those feeling “anxious and unsettled” at having to wear face masks.

A month later, he suggested he’d found his Halloween costume by applying a (presumably fake) fly to his head in a nod to the real-life insect that landed on Vice President Mike Pence during the Oct. 7 vice...

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