Stepmum's 'weird' sex toy gift for 16-year-old sparks outrage

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A stepmother has been blasted online after gifting her 16-year-old stepdaughter with a sex toy for her birthday.

The internet is up in arms after the young woman took to Reddit to ask for advice, saying it made her feel uncomfortable and she doesn’t know whether or not to tell her parents.

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A stepmother has been blasted online after gifting her 16-year-old stepdaughter with a sex toy for her birthday. Photo: Getty Images

“I'm 16. Today is my birthday,” the woman started her post.

“My dad's wife tried to surprise me with a vibrator. I know this wasn't meant in a way to seduce me or anything lmao, she's just trying to get me to like her because it's pretty clear I don't. She gave a small speech that was like "I'm the COOL step-mom" basically "would your mom give you this?"

“This made me super uncomfortable though. It felt like sexual harassment even though it wasn't. I told her I didn't want it and she said that's fine but I shouldn't let stigma get in the way and she'll keep it for me if I change my mind.”


The 16-year-old said she barely knows her stepmother but would still find it extremely uncomfortable to receive a vibrator from her even if they were friends.

“Honestly I feel violated by this. I know this will be over if I just don't bring it up ever again, but I kind of want to tell my parents,” she continued.

“I know they'll be so pissed at her but outside of me being uncomfortable I don't know if it would be like...mean to do that. Because they'll really lose their s*** on her. But this just grossed me out so much and I already didn't like her. Isn't this an obvious line you don't cross?”

The woman explained that she finds it hard to bond with her stepmother because she had an affair with her dad while he was still married to her mum.

People online were very clear with their opinions on the matter, with the majority telling the woman to tell her parents immediately if it made her feel so uncomfortable.

“I have a 16 year old daughter and I think that is completely inappropriate. You didn’t ask her for it and there’s no reason she should even be taking an interest in your sexuality,” one person said.

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The girl said she felt uncomfortable with the sex toy gift. Photo: Getty Images

“It is ALWAYS appropriate to talk to your parents when someone makes you feel violated/uncomfortable. They can help you set and communicate clear boundaries with your stepmom,” another person commented.

“That’s a completely inappropriate gift for a 16 year old. Tell your parents. That is not how you get your step child to like you,” a person said.

Others were shocked at the nature of the gift, with one person saying: “WTF this is just weird and gross. Who gets 16 year olds sex toys??”

Others were more sympathetic to the stepmother, saying it’s clear she desperately wants to be friends with the woman and has just made an error with her gift choice.

“I’d talk to her in private. Tell her that you don’t want to have a close relationship, that a polite one is all you are willing to have,” one person advised online.

“I guess I don't get why that's so particularly inappropriate,” another person commented.

The 16-year-old edited the original post to let the commenters know that she would be informing her parents about her stepmother’s unusual ift.

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