Stephen Shumack

Dr Stephen Shumack is a dermatologist at Sydney's Royal North Shore Hospital.

Q. What motivates you most in your work?
Having the ability to help people with skin diseases, and to give lifestyle advice to help people look better. It's always great to have a grateful patient tell you how much better they look and feel after therapy.

Q. What one thing would you like to have more of in your day?
Free time! I find that with busy clinics there is little free time for myself. Even though I schedule in free time during the day, I often find that it's taken up with urgent patients or paperwork.

Q. What is your wellbeing wish for Australian women 40+?
Their awareness of, and their ability to protect themselves from, the ravages of the sun (such as by using sunscreen) is increasing, so I look forward to seeing younger, less blemished and less wrinkled skin on women 40+.

More about Shumack:
Dr Stephen Shumack's areas of interest include general dermatology, psoriasis, eczema, acne, skin cancer and skin rejuvenation.

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