Stay-at-Home Orders Call For Cocktails! Here Are the Most-Searched Libation Recipes in Every State

Lauren Harano

As the days have turned into weeks and weeks have turned into months during the coronavirus pandemic, people are whipping up creative recipes in the kitchen, and that includes cocktail recipes. Whether it's five o'clock where you are or just five o'clock somewhere, drink margaritas in Maine, you'll see all kinds of intoxicatingly delicious libations on this list - and don't worry, "quarantinis" are nowhere to be found.

If you're looking to get a buzz on in the comfort of your own home or you're interested to see what your fellow neighbors are sipping on, these are the most uniquely searched cocktails by state in the past 30 days. From the East to the West, there's one thing Americans have in common, and that's a love for a good drink. Read ahead for the best boozy recipes, and cheers to cocktails at home. Enjoy!


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