Stay-at-home mums slam man who says they’re ‘lazy gold-diggers’

A man has sparked outrage among members of a Facebook page for stay-at-home mothers by claiming that women who remain at home to raise children are "lazy" and "gold diggers".

He also said that being a full-time mum is 'not a job' and accused these women of 'taking advantage' of their partners and 'treating them like a bank'.

Mother holding baby and multi-tasking in kitchen
A man has sparked outrage after calling stay-at-home mums 'lazy' and 'gold-digging'. Photo: Getty Images.

'Women shouldn't be lazy'

The man appears to have made the eyebrow-raising comments in a private message to the aptly-titled Facebook page 'Stay at Home Mum,' which then shared a screenshot of it to their public timeline.

"We don't get many entertaining messages like this very often (we used to get heaps!) but we were so amused by this one, that we just had to post it up," read the caption.

The man begins his message by referencing the name of the Facebook page, which he says, "encourages females not to be in the workplace and to rely on men".

"No I'm not a feminist. I just think women shouldn't be lazy," he continues. "Men take care of their kids and work a full time job. Why shouldn't females bring in half their weight as well?


A screenshot of a message from a male Facebook user to the Facebook page Stay At Home Mum. Photo: Facebook.
"I just think women shouldn't be lazy," the man wrote in his message to the Facebook page 'Stay at Home Mum'. Photo: Facebook.

"Being with a man so he can work hard and give all his money to you, while you stay at home with the kids is not a 'job' and not okay.

"Taking advantage of someone and treating a man like a bank is not okay. It's gold digging and it's being someone who uses others."

Needless to say, the man's opinions have caused quite the stir among fans of the page, the majority of whom are stay-at-home mums themselves.

The post has racked up over a thousand comments — and counting — in 24 hours, and the general consensus is that the man might be misinformed as to what a full-time mother actually does.

As one commenter explained, there's nothing 'lazy' about being a stay-at-home mum and that women who do choose to raise kids and run a household certainly 'bring in half their weight' — and then some.

"Well let's see, me and other stay at home moms chauffeur everyone around, cook, clean, pay bills, run errands, manage everyone's schedule, help with homework, get everyone settled for bed, take care of family pets, take care of anyone ill in the household, plus our elderly family," the person wrote.

Cute 2.5-year-old boy seeking attention from his mother, pulling her top in the kitchen
Many stay-at-home mums argued that what they do is certainly a 'job' and a hard one at that. Photo: Getty Images.

"We work when we're sick, we work on weekends, we take on all the late-night shifts to let our working husbands rest.

"Some of us not only do all of that but we also tend to the yard and gardens. We make all the holidays special and memorable for everyone. If that's lazy and not work then I'd like to know what constitutes as pulling our weight?"

Another commenter added: "Stay at home mum is a job, no payday, no vacation and you cannot walk away after 8 hours."

A third pointed out that rather than 'treating their partners like a bank,' mums who stay at home often end up saving money on childcare, cooking and cleaning costs by doing it all themselves.

"He should look up what it costs for child care and maid services at the very least. I think he'll see he's actually gonna save money by wifey staying home," they wrote.

Others didn't try to reason with the man and instead shared a few choice words.

"What a dick!" one wrote, while another added, "Thanks for the laugh, I needed that!"

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