I started a Gaelic metalcore band

Colin Stone
Colin Stone hopes his music helps to promote Gaelic [BBC]

Musician and broadcaster Colin Stone is pioneering a new sound for the Gaelic music scene - metalcore.

Linkin Park, Slipknot and Knocked Loose are among bands associated with the music, which is often described as a fusion of extreme metal and hardcore punk.

Stone records his own songs at his studio in Larbert and fronts the band, Gun Ghaol - Gaelic for "without love".

He said: “I think it is very important to write and record music in a different kind of style – it’s about spreading Gaelic around the world."

Linkin Park
Linkin Park are among the metalcore scene's big names [Getty Images]

Stone started posting his songs on TikTok after the Royal National Mòd - Scotland's biggest celebration of Gaelic language and culture - asked people for videos showcasing their skills.

The Gaelic-speaker's first short original song gained more than 30,000 views.

He said: “I noticed that there was plenty Gaelic music, dance music, traditional music, musicians like Valtos and Niteworks, but there were very few 'heavy' Gaelic bands.

"There certainly wasn't any metalcore, so I knew I had to start something different.”

Colin Stone recording in his studio
Stone recording in his studio in Larbert [BBC]

The genre's style includes lyrics being screamed into a microphone, and Stone said it took some time before he had the confidence to do in public.

Screaming posed another challenge - doing it without ruining his voice.

Stone's career includes working for STV News and Radio Clyde, and he is a regular contributor to BBC Scotland's Seven Days. He is also a media and voice coach.

He said he has learned a way to sing without putting his voice work at risk.

Slipknot is another band associated with metalcore [Getty Images]

Stone added: “People might be unsure about this genre, but my advice would be: give it a chance.

"With my music for example, I’m introducing Gaelic to people from the States, Germany, South Africa, all over the place.

"It's so important that the language moves forward by reaching more and more people.”

Stone hopes to work alongside other Gaelic artists in the future.

He is set to release a new song featuring Gaelic rapper Hammy Sgìth over the summer, and Gun Ghaol are recording their debut album for release in October.