'Never felt anything like it': Stars react to Melbourne's 5.8 earthquake

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An earthquake has been reported in Victoria with tremors being felt across Melbourne and as far away as Canberra and Sydney.

The magnitude 5.8 earthquake was 10km deep and centred at Mansfield, a small town on the foothills of Victoria's alps, at around 9.15am on Wednesday, according to Geoscience Australia.

Snezana Wood
Snezana Wood shared how scary it was when the earthquake hit, saying her house was shaking "a lot". Photo: Instagram/Snezana Wood

A second quake registered at magnitude 4 on the Richter scale followed, also at Mansfield, about 15 minutes later.

Celebrities and influencers took to social media to report they had felt the quake with Bachelor star Snezana Wood taking to her Instagram Stories questioning if anyone else felt the tremors.


"OK, who else in Melbourne felt that? Did we just have an earthquake?" she questioned. "Hey everybody in Melbourne, hope you are all OK and safe. That was pretty intense. I don't know how it was wherever you guys were, but our entire house was shaking a lot! It was noisy, it was shaky, it was so damn scary. I'm still shaking from it. Hope everybody's safe."

Influencer Jessica Hood also felt the tremors, telling her followers, "Our house was swaying side to side for what felt like forever! Never felt anything like that in my life."

Clementine Ford was shocked, saying, "I just did the round robin calling all of all my friends to check that they're all OK after the earthquake, which was very scary by the way! My whole building was shaking and I did have a moment where I was like, 'OK I think I'm gonna die!' 

Clementine Ford
Clementine Ford was shocked by the earthquake, describing it as "so scary". Photo: Instagram/Clementine Ford

"But I don't have a lot of experiences with earthquakes so it was probably an overestimation, but it was still very scary. Particularly when you live in an apartment building."

She added, "It seems like everyone is OK which is great, obviously. And my friend Alice was like, 'It just feels so weird that terrible things keep happening and after each one you're like well that happened and I guess I've gotta go back to a work meeting and send some emails now.' Maybe everyone can just take the day off."

In another post, she said, "I'm just gonna be a little sincere and earnest for a minute and say that there's a lot of stuff going on right now particularly for Victorians and dealing with an earthquake on top of all that is pretty full-on, very unexpected and for a lot of people would have been incredibly scary and anxiety-inducing and that's not something that stops the moment the earth stops shaking even though we're all OK physically, a lot of people may be feeling a little mentally wobbly right now. I am."

"It's OK if you're feeling weird. It's OK if you're feeling anxious. And also, you might have a delayed response later on today, particularly if you were struck by genuine fear during that."

Melbourne earthquake
Damaged buildings on Melbourne's Chapel Street following the earthquake. Photo: Getty

The author added that Melbourne residents aren't "prepared for this s**t" and don't live in buildings that are designed to withstand earthquakes.

Clementine also encouraged people to take the day off if they weren't feeling quite right.

Tiffiny Hall also took to Instagram to share her son Arnold's reaction to the earthquakes, with the four-year-old rattling off all the things happening in Melbourne including "rain, storms, thunder" and "earthquakes, tremors".

A laughing Tiffiny added, "Covid, lockdown, what more can we take?"

To which Arnold responded, "Delta! Melbourne's just not great..." 

"I know, it's too much, Arnold, I just can't take it," Tiffiny added.

Jess Dempsey also took to her Instagram Stories, describing the situation as "so scary" and questioned what you're meant to do during an earthquake "because it was so terrifying".

Actress Sharon Johal was also shocked by the earthquake, asking her followers if that was actually what had happened. 

"WTF was that just an earthquake?! Did anyone else feel that?" she wrote, adding she's in Toorak.

She later added, "OK. 100% that was an earthquake. Expect after tremors and potentially to duck under solid furniture or outside into open space. I can hear first responder sirens... please stay safe Melbourne."

ABC’s News Breakfast program caught the moment the earthquake struck, though it doesn't appear that they were live at the time.

The camera is clearly shaking with someone out of shot heard saying, "Ooh, I’ve never had an earthquake in here before."

"It's f**king scary," another person is heard saying.

"Is it an earthquake or a structural thing?" Host Michael Rowland asks before standing up. "Let's go. That was a big one."

"That's f–, that's still tremoring," Tony Armstrong said, stopping himself from swearing.

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