Starbucks sign falls on TikToker’s car in drive-thru: ‘All I see here is money’

TikToker Auvo (@nachoauvo) shared the terrifying moment a Starbucks sign fell on his car while he waited in a drive-thru, and the reactions were hilarious (after the initial shock, of course).

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Auvo is a TikToker who had a serious fright during a routine trip to Starbucks. When driving up to the drive-thru, the Starbucks sign hanging over the store fell directly onto Auvo’s windshield. In a viral video that has racked up more than 20 million views, Auvo shows the terrifying aftermath of the Starbucks sign accident.

The video begins with an exterior shot of a Starbucks coffee shop. Above the window of the Starbucks, an awning is affixed to the building. Above that is a circular space where the Starbucks sign normally hangs. However, instead of the sign, there is simply a blank space.

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“When the Starbucks logo falls on your car,” Auvo writes in the caption.

The camera pans down to show Auvo’s car. The door is open, and someone is sitting behind the wheel.

Then the camera moves further to the right, showing several people standing a few feet away from the car. One of the people holds the Starbucks sign upright in front of them. The sign is nearly the height of a person!

Then Auvo’s passenger begins to walk toward the car. They approach the open door and begin filming inside the car. At first, there isn’t much to see. A pair of shoes sits on the floor in front of the passenger seat. The keys still hang in the ignition.

But then the camera pans up to show the crack in the car’s windshield. The video ends as the camera shows how much damage the falling Starbucks sign caused.

In a follow-up video, Auvo shows footage from another angle as the Starbucks sign falls on the car.

Viewers were shocked by the accident and joked about the money they would hope to get from settling with Starbucks.

“All I see here is money,” one viewer wrote.

“All I’m saying is your back never hurt so much until this happened and the headaches won’t go away,” another viewer joked.

“Get a lawyer and get paid!” wrote another TikToker.

Fortunately, no one was severely injured by the sign, and it seems that Auvo did, in fact, get some settlement money from Starbucks. In a comment, Auvo explains that, “We are happy with how [the settlement with Starbucks] turned out. I will say — Our wedding is paid for.”

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