Starbucks Embraces Spooky Season With Its New Halloween Cups

Starbucks Halloween cups
Starbucks Halloween cups - Starbucks

Fall is already Starbucks' time to shine, but now the coffee purveyor wants to cover the full range of the season's festivities by bringing a touch of Halloween to its stores with a new line of reusable cups. The popular coffee chain has plenty of seasonal specialties, but as the menu changes, so does its offering of mugs, tumblers, and flasks. While the focus is always on the lattes and Frappuccinos, the seasonal cups themselves have become a pretty big deal among fans, with colorful and creative designs that provide an attractive container for the brand's signature drink creations. Some of the most unusual designs have always been saved for Halloween, including some glow-in-the-dark cups last year, but this lineup may be the best yet.

Starting this month, according to a press release from Starbucks, nine different Halloween reusable cups and tumblers will be available for purchase until supplies run out. The prices range from $14.95 for the smaller 12-ounce cup to $29.95 for the larger 24-ounce varieties. The cup styles span a wide range, including a glow-in-the-dark "Green Drip," cold cup with fake ooze bubbling over the brim, and "Black Bling," cold cups that come in three sizes (one being the miniature accessory keychain) that feature a "boo-tiful pop of color," in a  rainbow design that shines when hit by light.

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Starbucks Halloween Cups Come In Nine Different Styles

Starbucks reusable Halloween hot cups
Starbucks reusable Halloween hot cups - Starbucks

For more traditionally inclined Halloween fans, Starbucks has a Brown Pumpkin Tumbler that is decorated with a neon pumpkin pattern over a brown background. There is also a multicolored cold cup with a dripping design in a spooky black, pink, orange, and turquoise color scheme. Two more pumpkin designs are also in the mix — a short pink mug shaped like a pumpkin and a taller black tumbler with green and pink neon-colored pumpkins.

The lineup is so big that there are even two designs that will be available exclusively at Starbucks locations inside Targets. The first is an iridescent Calavera Skull Mug, which "makes any daily cup of coffee hauntingly delicious," and a simple but colorful cod cup with an orange-pink design. The best deal in the bunch may be the reusable hot cups, which come in a six-pack for only $19.95 in a mixture of colors and designs featuring pumpkins and ghosts.

As always, customers who use these cups will get 10 cents off their order and also accrue more Starbucks rewards points, so they aren't just decorative. And, of course, with new designs each year, Starbucks tumblers and cups often become popular collector's items for fans. So if you're interested in one of these new designs, it's best to act fast before they disappear in a puff of smoke.

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