Stan Walker 'would've died back in December' without stomach removal surgery

Olivia Morris
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Stan Walker has recently gone through the fight for his life having had his stomach removed.

The 27-year-old had to undergo stomach removal surgery after developing stomach cancer due to a rare gene mutation which runs in his family.

However, if the Australian Idol star hadn’t had the risky surgery, he would’ve been dead by the end of last year he exclusively told Be in a recent chat.

Stan Walker revealed to Be he would’ve been ‘dead by December’ if he didn’t have his stomach removed. Source: Instagram / stanwalker

“I would’ve been dead by December,” Stan revealed.

There was no other option for him other than to have the life-altering surgery.

Despite having his stomach removed it hasn’t come without restrictions and complications.

Stan has been open about his health struggles. Source: Instagram / daizy_me_rollen

“I had my whole stomach out and basically my oesophagus is now connected to my bowel and my bowel is my new stomach,” he explained. “It’s not as big and can’t fit much [food]. I eat very little now.”

The singer also has to be very careful with what food he puts into his body.

In a new documentary Stan Walker detailed his frustrations at his drastic weight loss from stomach removal surgery. Source: 9Now

Stan can no longer have dairy or gluten in his diet nor can he indulge in any greasy or oily food.

“It’s a 24/7 job my health,” he said. “And I’ve never looked after my health properly so now I’m forced to eat healthy which isn’t a bad thing.”

Stan pictured here in 2016 before his stomach removal surgery. Source: Getty

His recent health battles have also given him a new outlet to produce some new music.

Stan’s new EP titled STAN is now available via his website.

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