Stan Walker shares shocking new photos of his cancer fight

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Stan Walker has shared some shocking new photos his time in hospital battling stomach cancer, detailing how tough his fight for his life was.

The 27-year-old recently discussed his health struggles in the documentary Stan Walker: The Fight of His Life, which saw him make the heartbreaking decision to have his stomach removed.

Now the Kiwi singer has given a more detailed insight into the aftermath of the operation, telling fans at one point nothing could pass through his mouth as it could have “killed me”.

Stan Walker has shared some shocking new photos of himself in hospital during his fight with stomach cancer. Source: Instagram/StanWalker

“Nothing was aloud (sic) in my mouth,” he wrote, over an image of himself being supported by loved ones in the hospital corridor. “Because I had a leak inside that would have killed me if anything had gone in it.”

In another harrowing snap, Stan can be seen lying in bed with a tube going directly into his arm.

He revealed he suffered with a collapsed lung and needed breathing support. Source: Instagram/StanWalker

“That’s the pick (sic) line,” he said. “It was 55cm and went into my arm and then into my heart.”

While a catheter is often used to pump vital fluids and medicines to parts of the body that need it the most, in Stan’s case he explained it was being used to feed him.

The singer has always had a fighting spirit even when desperately sick. Source: Instagram/StanWalker

“I was hooked up to a machine 23/7 and it was the only way I could get fed and liquids for two and a half weeks,” he explained, adding he even celebrated his 27th birthday in hospital.

In another photo, you can see Stan hooked up to a breathing mask during a time when he was suffering from a collapsed lung.

In his documentary Stan Walker detailed his frustrations at his drastic weight loss from stomach removal surgery. Source: 9Now

“I was on this mother all day,” he wrote across the image. “It was a life-saver but annoying as hell!”

The former Australian Idol star revealed in January that he had inherited the rare cancer-causing gene CDH1, a mutation that has caused the deaths of more than 25 members of his family.

He made the announcement after fears were sparked for his health because of his dramatic weight loss.

His friend’s were there to celebrate with him on his 27th birthday in hospital. Source: Instagram/StanWalker

Despite losing his stomach, Stan appears to be remaining positive and has previously insisted to Who that he won’t let the disease “define” him.

One of the new snaps demonstrates this too, as he playfully takes a swipe at a photo himself laying in hospital while his mum poses beside him.

“I was really toned and in shape here,” he said, alongside seven laughing face emoji’s.

Stan has remained positive throughout the whole experience. Source: Instagram/StanWalker

While his health has been putting him through the ringer, his love life appears to be on track with the singer telling Be last month that he’s got a “secret girlfriend“.

“I’ve always got time for love,” he said. “I’ve got a beautiful girlfriend who I’ve kept hidden away.”

“She’s my little secret.”

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