Stan Walker opens up about fighting 13 tumours

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Stan Walker has revealed he was fighting a whopping 13 tumours during his recent battle with stomach cancer.

The Kiwi singer opened up about the shocking volume of tumours he’s been battling ahead of the documentary, set to air next week, that follows his heartbreaking decision to have his stomach removed.

“Cancer is like salt, and if it’s touched or moved it can spread even more,” he told Who magazine, talking about the horrifying moment doctors discovered what was ‘lurking’ inside him.

Stan Walker has opened up about the fact he was fighting 13 tumours during battle with stomach cancer. Source: Instagram/StanWalker

“But even on its own it had spread fast.”

Despite losing his stomach, Stan appears to be remaining positive and insists he won’t let the disease ‘define’ him.

The NZ singer has filmed a doco about his battle with cancer, which is set to air next week. Source: Nine

“I wanted to show people what it’s actually like — the good, the bad, the ugly,” he said. “Something like ‘cancer’, people can’t even say it. But I’m like, ‘Why?’ Don’t let it become you. Don’t let it own you. It doesn’t define you.”

Fans first suspected something was wrong with Stan — who shot to fame on Australian Idol nine years ago — when he lost a dramatic amount of weight. 

He lost a lot of weight during his struggle, which promoted fears from fans. Seen here before diagnosis. Source: Getty

But it was only when he shared a clip of him in hospital back in March 2018 from the self-titled doco that the musician confirmed their worst fears.

“I bet half the people thinking I was on crack or whatever y’all were saying are feel pretty dumb right now,” he wrote alongside the clip at the time.

Stan appears emotional in the trailer for the doco, but has revealed he’s determined not to let cancer “define” him. Source: Nine

After undergoing surgery a year ago, the 27-year-old appears to be focusing on his music. But has previously admitted he was scared he may never be able to sing again.

Cancer appears to have touched his family, with his mum April carrying the same rare cancer gene as him, an aggressive mutation called CDH1, reports. 

Stan Walker: The fight of His Life airs on May 7 on Nine.

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