Spy Kids: Armageddon director teases sequel on Netflix

spy kids armageddon, with gina rodriguez, zachary levi, connor esterson, and everly carganilla
Sky Kids 5 director teases sequel on NetflixNetflix

Spy Kids: Armageddon director Robert Rodriguez has spoken about his plans to make more sequels for Netflix.

The film, which dropped on the streaming service last week, introduces a new generation of youngsters who discover their parents are secret agents, and then become spies themselves to save their parents and the world.

Speaking to Collider, Rodriguez explained that Netflix really wanted new Spy Kids content since the franchise had done so well for it, and he absolutely intends to deliver, although there's a few logistical issues to deal with.

spy kids armageddon, with gina rodriguez, zachary levi, connor esterson, and everly carganilla

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"I always want to make one pretty quickly, but you really can't film them until the summertime because the kids have to do schooling no matter what, but they have more school that age during the non-summer break," he said.

"You would only get them for an hour or two on set. You get them for about four or five hours on summer break, so it's a little easier to film them. That would be great.

"The first Spy Kids series we had a movie in the theater every year for three years straight for Spy Kids 1, 2, and 3. They were consecutive. We were just finishing one and starting the next, so that would be really great.

spy kids armageddon, connor esterson, and everly carganilla

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"But fortunately, with these kids, we got them so young, they're younger than the original Spy Kids. They're only eight years old, so we've got them for several years."

He added that, Hollywood strikes depending, being able to film a follow-up next summer "would be great", explaining that: "That'd give me time to write something really robust and fun."

Spy Kids: Armageddon can be streamed on Netflix now. The original trilogy can be streamed on Sky Go and NOW.

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