Spotify Kids lets parents view listening history and block content

Billy Steele
Senior News Editor
Spotify Kids

As promised, Spotify is adding more parental controls to its Spotify Kids music streaming app. From the Grown Ups section (formerly called Parental Settings), parents can view their child’s listening history for the previous three months. Inside that Listening History section, they can also select specific content to block if there’s something they don’t want their kid to hear. The blocked audiobooks, songs and other items are unique to each user, so something you block for one child could still be available for another. And as you might expect, you can unblock songs as you see fit — after you enter the requisite PIN code, of course.

When Spotify debuted its kids-focused app in March, the company was clear it would continue to add more personalization tools, content controls and privacy features. The app is certainly handy for parents who aren’t comfortable giving their children full access to Spotify and want the peace of mind that parental controls offer. Plus, your child’s affinity for Trolls soundtracks won’t destroy your recommendations and algorithmically-generated playlists. Right now, Spotify Kids offers over 8,000 songs, stories, audiobooks and sounds, plus over 125 playlists — all curated by actual humans. And that roster includes celebrity-read chapters of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s/Philosopher’s Stone.